Workforce for Cultural Operations

BECOME AN etoy.AGENT TODAY - etoy.JOBS is your entry into a workforce for cultural operations. To increase cultural value, etoy relies not only on investments of capital, but most of all on knowledge, expertise and labor. Currently more than 20 etoy.AGENTS work on international projects in return for etoy.STOCK. To inquire or apply for the jobs listed below please contact etoy.JOBS.


D » etoy sucht praktikant/in fuer bild- und video-bearbeitung. min. 3 monate/8h woche.
erfahrung mit software wie photoshop, final cut und/oder after effects etc.

E » etoy is looking for an intern/trainee: image- and/or video editing. min. 3 months/8h week.
experience in photoshop, final cut and/or after effects etc.

required: motivation and visual skills, presence at etoy.HQ in Zurich for one day per week
workplace: Internet and Zurich/Switzerland
sprache/language: english oder deutsch
bezahlung/salary: etoy.SHARES and/or 200 EURO/month (depending on hours)

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D> etoy sucht temp. bauzeichner/in fuer technische zeichnungen. min. 1 monat /8h pro woche.

E> etoy is looking for a temporary drafts man. min. 1 month/8h per week.

required: experience with CAD / 3D software.
workplace: depending on your flexibility. internet or zurich/switzerland
sprache/language: english oder deutsch
bezahlung/salary: etoy.SHARES and/or 200 EURO/month (depending on hours)

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REQUIREMENTS: php, perl and python knowledge is a must and having a firm understanding of the apache webserver and the postgresql database engine is an asset. you comprehend fast and don't give up easily. you stick to your commitments and respect deadlines. You must have a firm understanding of Unix based systems and web site implementation. A few years experience in projects or project management skills would be ideal, but are not a requirement.

RESPONSIBILITIES: transforming the etoy.VISION into stable, maintainable and resilient code.
TIME COMMITMENT: project based.
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REQUIREMENTS: comprehensive knowledge of materials a must. experienced in working with plastics, metal, paint and electricity (basic know-how in the field of electronics is helpful).

RESPONSIBILITIES: flexibility and resourceful, is willing to work in spain, switzerland, usa, and sealand.
TIME COMMITMENT: project based, please inquire.
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For its current oparations in Switzerland, etoy.CORPORATION is looking for a dynamic, self-started intern in media art with a special interest in public relations. Benefits include the first-hand exposure to the development phase of a large-scale media art project in an international art corporation, direct involvement in the preparation of press releases and operation planning, as well as special agent status.

REQUIREMENTS: The planning and roll-out of our current project requires skills and artistic endeavor in cosmonautics, gereatrics and metaphysics. As these subjects tend to be rarely taught in school, our agents share an abrasive sense of discovery and collaborate across disciplines to deliver high quality art products. Languages used are English, German and French. Experience in public relations, the care of elderly, and art production are assets. Share our challenge and apply today!

Contact agent.HAEFLIGER, Investor Relations / haefligerATetoyDOTcom


etoy is looking for a highly organized gay, tall, sun tanned & sexy male between 38 and 65 years with the following skills & educational background: martial arts (ie: taekwondo, kung fu, karate, judo, etc.), french / english / spanish / japanese or chinese speaking. ideal background (not required) at least 2 years service as flight attendant, high society butler, management secretary or member of diplomatic corps.

RESPONSIBILITIES: organization of day to day etoy.OPERATIONS: tasks, schedules, communications, contacts, bookings, etc.. must be able to work, and play well with others. would work in close communication with etoy.MANAGEMENT.
TIME COMMITMENT: 20% - 100% (according to quality and availability)

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Contact agent.HAEFLIGER, Investor Relations / haefligerATetoyDOTcom


REQUIREMENTS: people who are able to find, contact, pitch and negotiate with potential sponsors and investors - etoy needs sales machines in the service of art and culture. payment: commission, sex and lifestyle.

RESPONSIBILITIES: communicating the etoy.VISION, negotiating deals, attending lifestyle events: conferences, parties, openings.
TIME COMMITMENT: flexible, contact for more information.
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REQUIREMENTS: experience in sound studio work, serious and sexy voice, sense for twisted content.

RESPONSIBILITIES: voice over for a large exhibition project in germany and the etoy.FAQ telephone system.
TIME COMMITMENT: project based.
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a smart and serious person experienced in book keeping with a flair for art and culture. part time. no big task. we need a very serious person. retired person welcome! ideal background (not required) C.P.A., B.S. in Accounting or Business and Management. the etoy.CORPORATION does not discriminate against sex, ethnicity or creed. we also very much appreciate: gnomes / dwarfs, prostitutes, transsexuals, farmers and traditional clerks if they bring enough excitement, sex appeal and twisted groove.

RESPONSIBILITIES: book keeping, consultation, generating financial reports, tax returns.
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REQUIREMENTS: experience with porting / creating typefaces for the debian operating system.

RESPONSIBILITIES: to engineer etoy.FONT-PACKAGES to fully port etoy.GRAPHIC-DESIGN-AGENTS to the debian system.
TIME COMMITMENT: project based.
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REQUIREMENTS: valid FAA Form 8710-1 Airman Certificate. knowledge is mandatory of theory of flight, air navigation, meteorology, flying directives, aircraft operating procedures, and mission tactics.

RESPONSIBILITIES: planning and preparing for mission. reviews mission tasking, intelligence, and weather information. supervises mission planning, preparation and filing of flight plan, and crew briefing. ensures aircraft is preflighted, inspected, loaded, equipped, and manned for mission.
TIME COMMITMENT: project based.
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art is a risky business! the etoy.CORPORATION needs health experts to keep etoy.AGENTS fit, and to avoid mental and emotional crashes.
REQUIREMENTS: board certification, specialization in working with business people and creative artists. must be available via IRC and read clients blog.

RESPONSIBILITIES: pblogging general health guidelines, managing the needs for artistic satisfaction, financial stability and viable personal life.
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