etoy.TANK PLANT in Zurich

we didn't really move in 197 seconds as you see below the extended version of
etoy's BIG MOVE - but we settled down now with our 55 tons of material - in 7 real steel cargo containers.


remembering coco

thank you for these hours in your presence, dear. 


Tabea und Monorom - happy mit der etoy.ROLLTREPPE


in the middle of NEW ZURICH







etoy moves its container culture icons through Zurichs main traffic veins passing by the other container trend locations FREITAG TOWER and the FRAU GEROLDS GARTEN: three of our main etoy.TANKS, including the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS got carried over Hardbrücke today at 16:36 pm to its new location at Aargauerstrasse 55, next to and - just in the heart of a growing new city - thanks to Beda Viviani from SWISS CONTAINER AG as well as Marc Angst and Sebastian Güttinger from the NRS Team - and many other helping hands: Ernesto Schneider, Abdur Rahman Kirchhoff, Patrick Linner, to name just a few.

And thanks to christian and michiko - your sound always matched our projects - and obviously still does!

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we will move our approximately 6x10 tons cargo containers to a new location by the end of this year together with the basis lager: Aargauerstrasse 55, in the core of a new zurich. Thanks to basis lager, marc and iris for their efforts! and the verrichtungsboxen will be an inspiring neighborhood.

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