M∞ STOWAWAY workshop at Microwave festival Hong Kong

Twelve new stowaway pilots embarked MISSION ETERNITY during the workshop at microwavefestival past week. The newly formed M∞ ARCANUM CAPSULES are now checked into the M∞ ANGEL APPLICATION, ready to circulate forever in the global info sphere. Special action: computer embroidery on funeral robes, MISSION ETERNITY DRESS and personal items of PILOTS.

Thank you for flying etoy.

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etoy at Microwave festival Hong Kong

Microwave international media arts festival


Preparing for microwavefest / hong kong

8 Mission Eternity Tamatar, etoy.SHARED-HISTORY and our brand new embroidey machine,
are on the way to Hong KONG Microwavefest

Stitches: 5407
Height: 170.4 mm
Width: 89.9 mm
Color: 1 Orange
Total Bobbin: 7.80m


etoy is part of the microwavefest in hong kong

Main Exhibition  主題展覽
Date 日期 05.11 {Sat六} - 13.11 {Sun日}
Time 時間 12:00 - 20:00
Venue 地點
Exhibition Hall, Low Block,
Hong Kong City Hall 香港大會堂低座展覽廳

1-4/4 twisting values since 1994