etoy.BROOD - first baby agents recruited in Gwangju

The following shots show the first brainwave activities rendered in 5-11 year olds during the show "Leaving reality behind..." at Kunsthalle Gwangju / South Korea.


Opening Kunsthalle Gwangju

etoy / opening Kunsthalle Gwangju etoy / opening Kunsthalle Gwangju etoy / opening Kunsthalle Gwangju etoy / opening Kunsthalle Gwangju

  1. Words to the opening from our latest Mission Eternity Pilot
    Kim Jung Man together with etoy.MONOROM
  2. Kunsthalle crowd
  3. etoy agents together with Anton Jung and Christoph and Tom from Platoon
  4. "etoy.GATE / may we pass Mr. Paik" - reinterpretation of "Passage"
    by Nam Jun Paik with etoy.PATCHINKO machines as an hommage
    to the korean-born artist.
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Under construction

Massive construction site for the prospective Asian Culture Complex right behind the Kunsthalle /
etoy.ASIA Gwangju office /
Kunsthalle in progress, even on sundays


etoy.ASIA branch / Gwangju office

etoy in gwanju (KR) 2010 etoy in gwanju (KR) 2010 etoy in gwanju (KR) 2010
At Kunsthalle Gwangju in the historic area of the former provincial hall /
street around Hans n' Bean coffee shop (24/7 with free wifi) /
etoy.ASIA branch, gwangju office



etoy's biggest production of SHARE CERTIFICATES is right now being packed
and shipped to KOREA: a big thank you to etoy.FRED and etoy.AMI - they did
such an accurate and precise job packed with so much enthusiasm -
pictures say more than words! THANK YOU! 



etoy.CORE AGENTS are leaving to Korea - in the air now.
see you soon in the country of the robotics and the supermarket of religions:

"if a few chinese people meet, they open up a restaurant.
if a few japanese meet, they do business.
and if the coreans gather - they create a new religion."
(aus IWANOWSKI'S reisegast in korea)

and: agents, today at the airport: 
get new beautiful orange suitcases for all your future etoy.TRAVELS!
in sale until SUNDAY ONLY


Kunsthalle Gwangju first official Image

check for more infos the platoon blog

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Kunsthalle Gwangju Opening


쿤스트할레 광주 정식 개관 파티에 여러분을 초청합니다.
일정 : 2010년 8월 31일 오후 7시
장소 : 쿤스트할레 광주

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Here's an example code of how playing soundfiles on certain channels on your soundDevice.

In this case i worked on osx 10.6 and used the soundcard MAYA44 USB.
I import JSyn library into the environment, so I will be able to interact with microcontroller easily.

Some things you need to do:
- get the JSyn library and put it in the right place
- I needed to do some JAVA-Adjustments to make it work. I use JAVA SE 6 / 32-Bit
- maybe you need to Audio-MIDI setup

The code is not that cleaned out and dynamic as it could be, but it works for a start.

Here's the proccesingPackage

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