etoy at VSMM2010 in SEOUL

the etoy.CREW is prepared for a speech about etoy.CORPORATION and an introduction about MISSON ETERNITY - after we will create some arcanum capsules and content with the workshop participants.

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Gwangju Press Clippings / Batch 1

Here's the first batch of press clippings about the show at Gwangju Kunsthalle - more to come, including audio from the local radio station:

Many thanks to the KHG crew for collecting these valueable artefacts.


etoy.CORPORATION presents itself at Kunsthalle Gwangju

A crowd of 30 people listened to the speech of etoy.HG about the history of etoy.CORPORATION and MISSION ETERNITY - we ended up in the artyard of the KUNSTHALLE and burned a hell lot of hell cash for our dead loved ones - a very intimate moment where some moments of truth tickled our minds and souls.


Andy Guhl, Nam June Paik and Beuys in Kunsthalle Gwangju

etoy thanks Andy Guhl for his great performance tonight at Kunsthalle Gwangju where over 80 people attended - your work inspired all the people very much. we are very much looking forward seeing you with platoon in berlin in berghain together with klangwart.

and above all: first all of success for your exhibition in kunsthalle wil that will open on saturday 6th of november.

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Performance by Andy Guhl and Peter Liechti Movie Screenings




Today in Gwangju South Korea

sometimes you dont know what strange moments in this world
bring things together: while there is a monstrum discussion in kunsthalle
we see this tshirt which a woman is wearing in an ordinary restaurant


etoy.HG arriving on location in GWANGJU

THANKS a million - your effort came in the very right second - a big big THANK YOU, on all levels.

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the etoy.SHOW in Korea is up and running


first etoy.BROOD - leaving reality behind

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