Self-encapsulation at Manifesta7

The central thrust of MISSION ETERNITY at Manifesta7 revolves around the self-encapsulation of etoy.AGENTS. While we always knew that, eventually, we would need to experiment with ourselves when dealing with the ultimate boundary, we focused on others over the last years: Keiser and Leary and others.

Manifesta7, and TANK8 that etoy built in 2008, serves as the ideal infrastructure to support the agents in their individual strategies for implementing their own ARCANUM CAPSULES. As defined by the protocol of MISSION ETERNITY, each capsule adheres to basic standards for replicability and access (formats, rites, and rights) and minimal information requirements (personal data, basic questions) and then extends beyond the standards adding arcane, individual traces of life, post mortem plans, snapshots and time stamps, and anything that can capture a fraction of a person's life in the form of digital data.

However, this post is not a theoretical contribution. In order for the community of the living and the dead to grow and spin content back and forth we, the agents, create content. The immediate content is destined to enter the capsule. However, I feel I should explain my own self-encapsulation strategy to the readers of our internal affairs blog because it's public now and accessible without the ANGEL APPLICATION. Who wants to download my capsule anyway... makes me wonder. Regardless, this is an experiment and a process more than it is a final product. On the way, we through out content and take steps back for every step we actually make simply because the templates need to be built in parallel and every agent's ideas about his or her capsule inspire other agents and other users to adapt their designs in turn. Remember that the basic outline is open content and replicability a fundamental goal of this mission. Hence my attempt at externalizing some of our thoughts.

The name ARCANUM CAPSULE is the program. There is a mystery to every individual's life, a hidden pattern and possibly a direction. Some of the big questions puzzle us for a lifetime and find their mysterious paths through digital communication systems, databases, screen shots, text snippets, and musical expressions. The ARCANUM CAPSULE represents our struggle to capture fragments from this mess: but it's not random. The added value appears in the capsule's structure which is our and the users' approach to understanding some of this mystery: the arcane!

Hence, arcane is both the key to understanding the capsules' content as well as the logic of their creation. My approach mirrors my current interest in spiritual insights and developments. I decided to log a series of meditations that I carry out during one week here in Bolzano. Two daily meditations that follow the same structure (three phases of rather well established meditation techniques that I am far away from mastering, needless to say) may lead to thoughts and ideas that I try to pin down rather exactly in prose. The transcripts add up to a log that I hope will enable me to learn, and, for the capsule, represent a snapshot of my life today. The transcription is itself a translation effort that challenges my sense of interpretation and that violates to some extent the “arcane principle”. It seems to be the best I can do right now. Secretly, I place some hopes into etoy.ALBERTO's and etoy.MAJA's efforts of developing strategies to map bodily signals directly – in their arcane immediacy, so to speak. Alberto, a medical doctor by training, implements tools for MISSION ETERNITY to visualize the electrical signals emanated by our bodies. More to come.
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