bon voyage Robert Anton Wilson and thanks for your support!

just got the information from R.U. Sirius. Robert Anton Wilson, one of the big heroes, "Defies Medical Experts and leaves his body @4:50 AM on binary date 01/11. All Hail Eris!"

HERE IS MY OWN RAW STORY: on xmas 2001, at a party in his house, joi ito gave me Robert Anton Wilson's "COSMIC TRIGGER". i was in the worst shape ever and he helped me to discover a new dimension of reality without selling me some silly washing powder, truth or another religion. joi was the only guy i trusted when it came to the problem i had ... everybody else i knew was not experienced with being involved in crazy mind games and being exposed in public in the way i was at this moment. for me it is still magic that i got this book from joi at this point in my life.

BACKGROUND: for an art show with etoy i had the chance to esape to japan for 3 months. i was completly wrecked and tried to ignore the release of harper collins' "leaving reality behind" book that hurt me more than anything else before. the book about "my life", etoy and TOYWAR was written by a former friend of mine, regula bochsler. i considered her one of the 12 most important people in my life and blindly trusted her. for me to read the final draft of the script was a new dimension of human distraction! after working for a year with etoy (incl. full access to our archive, work and friends) the authors probably got under commercial pressure and started to mix and twist facts to get the plot they needed. among lots of dirty little stories the book limited female TOYWAR-HEROES like our CTO etoy.MONOROM or the transsexual performer COCO to my groupies and described my partners as naive acolytes but instead totally over pomoted the old etoy.BOY-GROUP that was history long before TOYWAR even started. COCO's tragic suicide was just another hype for the story and on top of all this i was called "heinrich", a fucked up devil who picked linz - the cultural capital of adolf hitler - to launch his international career as a greedy artist. the last draft (i never read the final book) compared me with eToys CEO Toby Lenk and at the end of the story declared both players, (etoy and eToys Inc.) dead to round off the perfect dot-com drama. but - worst of all - my former friend regula started to heat up fights among old and new etoy.AGENTS by forwarding slanderous private email messages that a former etoy.AGENT recovered from an internal backup. and a hacked email-server revealed facts of how regula was manipulated. a climate of paranoia, manipulation and madness took over. there was no chance to call for facts or fairness in this context: "LEAVING REALITY BEHIND" - the slogan etoy created years earlier - turned into a media nightmare that ended badly for everybody: the book that we all worked for became the subject of a court case (it got corrected a bit ... but still sucked so etoy could not promote it). the result was an emotional and financial disaster (the book did not sell at all). at the same time my former etoy partner and arch enemy hans bernhard spent 3 months in a psychiatric hospital after he slit his own scalp to write "etoy" with blood on the wall of his hotel room in south africa. he was convinced that someone planted a bomb in his head ... IT WAS THE PERFECTLY DESIGNED HORROR TRIP. i lost trust in everything for a while and felt 100% incapable to explain anybody why this was so painfull and not just another great milestone in the life of a media hacker. reality as i knew it fell apart in tokyo.

it was the perfect moment for a RAW-DATA update of my operating system!

today - after light years of travelling (with what was left of the dot-com speed) and lots of debugging, it all looks like a few surreal moves in a very complicated and crazy role play.

--> WOW! i'm still in the game and operational. even better: thanks to the upgrade i consider myself on a higher level and i'm glad that amazing guys like joi and wilson were around to coach me just when i needed them most.

i just ask myself: how do they do this? ... detecting wasted and confused artists with such precision? is there maybe a secret plan or a higher intelligence leading them? ... hmmmm then hans probably really has a bomb in his head as he said. fuuuuuuck!!!! what a game ;-)
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etoy.AGENTS met at G27 to celebrate the successful launch of MISSION ETERNITY this summer - the launch at ISEA ZeroOne in San Jose CA and the accompanying exhibitions were awarded with prizes from the City of Zurich and Switch. Cheers to the coming years of MISSION ETERNITY.

Sealand burns down

Sealand burns down
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joi ito's TV show

this joi ito's TV show: Technopolis Tokyo
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exonemo - The Road Movie

Our friends from exonemo won the "goldene Nica" in the category Net Vision for their Road Movie project.


The Road Movie: A mobile installation system is on the move at Moblab, which was an art project
that German and Japanese artists travel Japan by bus.

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Der Tod ist ein Umzug

Andere Leute sehen das auch so, und wollen weiterbestehen und sogar Besuch bekommen:

Consolidation of blogtools at etoy

During the past years, the internal blog based on the Flux-CMS became the main information hub for internal communications at etoy. The public feed was technically separated and handled by another tool (with the consequence that everybody involved required knowledge about two systems). The new setup - again based on the Flux-CMS - allows to maintain the public-, as well as the internal blog from within the same system. The content gets delivered according to simple state and permission rules that are manually adjustable by the users (which is a default feature of Flux-CMS btw. ).
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Nils Petter Molvaer Group - Live at Moods: Mi, 12.10.05 -- Review

Saw the concert together with Anna and Mika Kastenholz. We were all drunk and pissed off at the so what?-quality of the show. An excellent opportunity to smack a slacking accomplished artist, he agreed to write a review:

Even if you dont like their music and legacy, there is something to respect about The Beatles: Once they realized that anything they did was met with constant devotion and reverence from the fans, they stopped. they stopped performing, they stopped recording, they stopped being The Beatles. They stopped, because everything had become predictable.

Nils Petter Molvaer is not The Beatles and he should not stop making music. But, he might want to think about how to surprise the listener musically in the future. Because right now he is precisely what no serious artist would want to be: predictable.

Norwegian music has always carried a distinct flavor and a recognizable aesthetic concept. This is even true for paininflictors like A-HA, who for a short period in the 80's ruled the world of popular music and explored new artistic terrain also in the making of music video. Today, the list of jazz-pop-electro-ambient-soul-new age-folk interbreeds from Norway such as Bugge Wesseltoft, Ketil Bjoernsted, Eivind Aarset, Torun Eriksen, Rebecca Bakken, Silje Nergard, Sidsel Endresen, Beady Belle, Mari Boine appears to be growing geometrically every year. In other words, contrary to the climatic settings, Norwegian music is still pretty hot.

The jazz mainstream noticed Norway with the advent of Jan Garbarek and his distinct saxophone sound in the early 70's, which became a corner stone for the ECM label of producer Manfred Eicher and his aesthetic concept of sparse musical settings, which often explore the boundary between warm and cold. Garbarek, a constant traveler between the worlds of fully improvised, folk tunes as well as more accessible jazz styles, may still be regarded as the godfather of Nor-Jazz; whatever that means really.

Nils Petter Molvaer's music and trumpet play is not new nor technically spectacular, but, at its best, a highly spiritual voyage through sound. It conjures musical images of Miles Davis' often terse solo lines, the foggy synthesizer landscapes of ambient pioneer Brian Eno, all combined with an undercurrent of trip hop, techno and drum 'n bass. Unfortunately, Molvaer and his co-musicians never arrived nor took off to any sound voyage in their last concert at Moods in Zurich. Quite frankly, it simply did not seem to work. While it is difficult to convince the elderly Moods audience to start dancing, most of them belonging rather to the listener than groover type, there was unfortunately also not much to listen to, either. Was the music improvised? To some extend, yes. Did it sound like the records? Yes, but if you want that, you can go and see U2 (admittedly, a ticket to Molvaer is cheaper and you are not forced to sing along to 'Heal the world' with Bono).

The fact that Molvaer has achieved somewhat of a cult-following over the past years, explains why his performance was partly met with enthusiastic response from the audience. But did the musical performance really deserve it? Did it offer something new, something not available on the studio recordings? Were the light and sound effects spectacular? Did the musicians really draw the audience into the music and their performance? The author begs to differ.

Thus, the remains of the evening are images of a sympathetic trumpet player, randomly toggling between all too similar trumpet synthesizer sounds with his Birkenstock sandals and a feeling that there should have been 'more than this'.

Nils Petter, please re-invent yourself. Soon.

Yours truly,
Herr K.


Reflections on Trusting Trust

The more nerdy among you will probably find Reflections on Trusting Trust by Ken Thompson an interesting read.

I stumbled across it while reading up on the the first Underhanded C Contest featured both on Slashdot and LtU.

From the article:
The moral is obvious. You can't trust code that you did not totally create yourself. (Especially code from companies that employ people like me.) No amount of source-level verification or scrutiny will protect you from using untrusted code. In demonstrating the possibility of this kind of attack, I picked on the C compiler. I could have picked on any program-handling program such as an assembler, a loader, or even hardware microcode. As the level of program gets lower, these bugs will be harder and harder to detect. A well installed microcode bug will be almost impossible to detect.


kerneltrap interview with Richard Stallman

some believe he's a saint, not to say a true visionary. others have a very different view of him, accuse him of being a zealot, a dogmatist and the term "unwashed hippy" is probably one of the nicer labels from this crowd.

no matter what you think of him, there is no doubt that RMS, as he is also referred to by friend and foe is one of the most important proponents of the free software movement (not to be confused with the open source movement).

he founded the free software foundation and some of his insights and essays are published on their website in the philosophy section.

the etoy.CORPORATION - contoversial by design - suggests that you read for yourself what this controversial person has to say.

this slashdot discussion may also provide a lecture in creative name calling.

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