information warfare

memos to the rescue

m221e.ETERNITY-ENGINEERS working on the future

Mix some kilowatts with tons of steel and heavy labour

Posted some digital shots of the binz construction site into the gallery.

More photos to come as soon as the films are processed and scanned...


i dont want this orange piano anymore

give me a Tenori-on

in 2008 each etoy.AGENT should learn a musical instrument.
we have to increase the relax factor.

who buys this toy for me?
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Constantin Seibt is extending the attention span!

just saw this by chance: CH journalist of the year

i love the way consti writes: very twisted and unique! his x-mas series about toywar ( ie "THE BOMB" written for left wing WOZ) established our role as counter culture heros in switzerland ;-) ... the etoy.MANAGEMENT even felt forced to issue a share certificate for the best war report back then.

i did not expect that people in my home country would vote for constantin.

wow! this is realy good news. one of the values of seibts work is that he is able to cover stories that are too complicated for the rest of the news system. he wrote some of the best articles about the World Economic Forum in Davos... even if he did not get access to the place of action because schwab and co probably knew how twisted his articles can be. too bad! not letting him enter was not stopping him from writing the best articles about the bizarre side effects of WEF.

since many years consti is the only journalist in switzerland i really deeply respect and trust. he went his very own and often controversial way while lots of his peers obviously bended for a slime-career in the news business.

seibt can be very radical but is never stupid or without self-irony.

he knows very well how problematic news production is. most journalists i met during years of "art business and twisted activism" really believe that they are the good guys making the world a better place by transmitting neutral information. well... my cell phone does the same and sometimes i really hate it for doing this ;-)

... the problem lies in the fact that at the end of the day all journalists make a living by selling stories which means that they automatically adapt to the market: the audience, editors, marketing frogs, even the people they interview. they do almost everything for their story.

this is logical and ok as long as they know that they are not innocent and "clean" players in the game. consti does not just know this he also makes this approach part of his articles. and thats rare. congrats consti!
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our friend hachiya works on airplanes

open sky 2.0

first tests on youtube
and second life planing
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chregu vs. god

chregu made the reddit headlines. Or rather this fine bit of prose on his site.


hehe. yes. why not?
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angel-app module graph

module dependency graph of the angel-app maintainer process (the core routine that synchronizes nodes). cute, isn't it?

module dependencies of angel-app

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Notes from the 5th Immortology forum / via Marie Lechner

Glasbead performance by John Klima at dock18

John Klima performed with glasbead, a software that enables to create musical arrangements from soundsamples using a distinctive 3D interface. Inspired by the novel "The Glass Bead Game" by Herman Hesse, John maintains this piece since it's initial release for Windows 95 up to the present.
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what do the reddit nerds use for backup?

interesting discussion on backup for mere mortals over at in particular, note this quote:
If it's so easy, I keep wondering why I can't find a program created by someone who's put just a bit of extra effort into it to make something that's generic enough for others to use. Not idiot-proof, but something I can set up in 15 minutes by specifying the machines to back up, the directories to include, those to exclude (in a simply way...rsync loses here), and how much history to keep. [permalink]
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