Saturday, February 16, 2008 (19:00) ARCO / Madrid

etoy’s MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS (a white cargo container at the entrance to ARCO pavilion 14) is where the art group etoy calls and reactivates a dead pioneer of the information age: Timothy Leary. He is the first MISSION ETERNITY TEST PILOT to enter the multiuser sarcophagus, and again the pioneer: other pilots will follow him. In Madrid, 8g of Leary’s mortal remains will be integrated into his updated TERMINUS. This plug-shaped capsule stores the ashes of the MISSION ETERNITY PILOT after cremation and links it to digital remains such as personal data, voice samples, images, a post-mortem activity plan and more.

The ceremony is public and accompanied by 4 etoy.AGENTS and a live act by TIM & PUMA MIMI from Zurich.

Background to the etoy.ART-INVASION 2.0

Updates from Madrid

Madrid local information:
MISSION ETERNITY, winner of the award VIDA 10.0, can be visited at Fundación Telefónica’s
booth (GC.B2) and at Fundación Telefónica EXT.1 (Entrance of ARCO Pavilion 14)

By invitation of Fundacion Telefonica


etoy invades ARCO 08 Madrid! After a total failure to convince any art dealer to trade art with etoy.SHARES in 2004, we're back.

With the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS, the art fair ARCO in Madrid receives an installation at its gates that connects the living art world with the dead.

From an economic perspective, etoy invades a contemporary art market driven more than ever by shiny names, fat parties, and cynical capitalism. By offering the etoy.SHARE we invite direct and unmediated participation in art production. More obvious than four years ago, MISSION ETERNITY provides the radical backdrop for etoy's call for risk sharing. Daring art collectors and investors can share the risks of art production, without middlemen: just down-to-earth investments in an art company that works out a new way to deal with memory (conservation/loss), time (future/present/past) and death.

If you wish to participate in radical art, share the risks of creating ground-breaking, jaw-dropping innovation: etoy is your investment opportunity. If you're sick of plunging banking stocks, flawed compensation schemes, and abstract blah about fine arts: etoy goes where traditional artists, companies and individuals cannot afford or risk to go.
Join us now!

Madrid ARCO 08, Feb 13 - 18, 2008
How to get there: open airline seats from Zurich start at 153 euro / from Berlin at 205 euro / from Paris at 111 euro
Where to stay: etoy.AGENTS reside at the Tryp Menfis Hotel, Mardid


By invitation of the Telefonica Foundation

etoy documentaries on TV: French and German

Movie "MISSION ETERNITY" in German (SF1)
52 minutes documentary "MISSION ETERNITY" directed by Andrea Reiter, produced by Hugofilm 2007 (
The documentary premieres on December 16, 2007 at cinema RIFF RAFF in Zurich (invited film crew members and guests only), it airs on TV in Switzerland six times as follows:
December 30, 2007: 12:00 and 24.30 on channel SF1
January 1, 2007: 09:00 and 13:00 on channel SF Info
January 2, 2007: 5:30 on channel SF1
January 5, 2007: 10:00 on channel SF1

Movie "HIP STORY" in French and German (ARTE)
52 minutes documentary "Une histoire de branchés" produced by Laurent Lunetta and written by Dominique Babin featuring MISSION ETERNITY on Arte TV

De Charlie Parker à Paris Hilton, de la contre-culture à la culture de masse, la hip attitude a traversé le temps et s'est transformée. Greil Marcus, spécialiste américain des cultures populaires, commente l'histoire de ce phénomène complexe mais toujours révélateur.

Was haben Sid Vicious, Pete Doherty, Oscar Wilde, Marylin Manson, Arthur Rimbaud und Devendra Banhart gemeinsam? Verfügen Trendsetter, also Menschen, die aus dem Mainstream herausragen und die Zeit gewissermaßen überdauern, über ein geheimes Wissen oder besondere "Antennen"?

December 14, 2007: 22:15
December 17, 2007: 09:55
January 2, 2008: 03:00*

*updates from Arte France: their online program is not updated up to now.


Spanish telecom giant Telefonica saves etoy.CORPORATION from bankruptcy and brings etoy's mission to the next level.

As president Francisco Serrano, announced today at Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum (MACBA): etoy wins the first prize of the VIDA AWARDS created by Fundación Telefónica to foster artistic creation based on new technologies and artificial life.

Fundación Telefónica Press Releases download:


Excerpt from the jury statement:

etoy launched the Mission Eternity Project in 2005, foregrounding on the one hand respect for the human longing to survive in some way after death, and on the other a sense of irony about dated sci-fi fantasies we contrive to satisfy that desire. The Sarcophagus is one materialization of this project. It is a mobile sepulcher that holds and displays portraits of those who wish to have their informational remains cross over into a digital afterlife. The size of a standard cargo container that can travel to any location in the world, the Sarcophagus has an immersive LED screen covering its walls, ceiling and floor. There, interactive digital portraits can be summoned via mobile phone or web browser from virtual capsules that are stored in the shared memory of thousands of networked electronic devices of Mission Eternity Angels (people who contribute a small part of their personal storage capacity to the mission, currently 765 of them; to date, 2 volunteers have been accepted for encapsulation). The data spectres that populate this tenuous memorial space are composed of details of lives lived, in visual, audio and text fragments. But when they are summoned in lo-res pixellated form in the Sarcophagus, they resemble one merged personality. The massing of details that we find in archives and records that keep the dead with us has a similar compositing effect, yet the Sarcophagus is also very unlike those. It gives us access to a novel social world generated among networked computer users who have a common goal of keeping something alive, which can invoke intense feelings such as care and wonder.

Press image download:


PRESS RELEASE DEUTSCH (Zuerich/Barcelona 28.11.2007)

Schweizer Medienkunstgruppe etoy gewinnt den wichtigsten Spanischen Medienkunstpreis "VIDA AWARD 2007" der Telefonica Foundation.

Wie Francisco Serrano, Praesident der Telefonica Foundation, heute an einer Pressekonferenz in Barcelona bekannt gab, wird etoy morgen Donnerstag fuer die Container-Skulptur "MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS" ausgezeichnet. Das Kunstwerk beherbergt die sterblichen Ueberreste von Pionieren des Informationszeitalters wie Timothy Leary und erschliesst das digitale Vermächtnis dieser Menschen. Auf einem begehbaren 3-dimensionalen Screen, bestehend aus 17'000 Leucht-Dioden, erscheinen dem Ausstellungs-Besucher Ahnen der heutigen Medienkultur: Bilder aus ihrem Leben, ihre Stimmen, Videosequenzen, und mehr. Die elektronischen Geister koennen per Webterminal und Mobiltelefon aufgerufen und lokal, zum Beispiel auf dem eigenen Laptop, gespeichert werden. So entsteht mit der Hilfe einer ausgekluegelten Software ein soziales Netzwerk bestehend aus vielen Tausenden von "Angels", welche die Aufgabe haben die Daten der Verstorbenen fuer immer zu erhalten: das digitale Erbe wird von Generation zu Generation weitergereicht und tritt damit eine unendliche Reise durch Raum und Zeit an.

Der explodierende Speicherplatz, welcher fuer digitale Daten heute zur Verfuegung steht, eroeffnet neue Dimensionen der Konservierung und stellt zentralisierte Wissenspeicher in Frage. Die Erhaltung von Information ist eine soziale und kulturelle Herausforderung und nicht mehr eine Frage des Speicherplatzes. etoy, selbst staendig mit der Vergaenglichkeit des eignen Werkes konfrontiert, wirft mit MISSION ETERNITY grundlegende Fragen auf: was passiert mit den digitalen Spuren, welche wir alle hinterlassen?

Die bekannte Kunstgruppe thematisiert mit dem neusten Werk Vergaenglichkeit, Konservierung, Datenspeicherung, Tod und Afterlife. MISSION ETERNITY ist ein technisches Experiment, hinterfragt die Konsequenzen der totalen Datenerfassung und skizziert die Vision eines zeitgemaessen Totenkults. Gleichzeitig geht es, wie immer bei etoy, um eine vielschichtige Darstellung der Virtualisierung unserer Lebenswelt, gespiegelt im Tod, und um das Verwischen der Grenzen zwischen Autor und Konsument - Sender und Empfaenger - Lebenden und Toten.

etoy.SPONSORS: Bundesamt fuer Kultur Schweiz, Migros Kulturprozent, Swiss Life, Pro Helvetia, Stadt und Kanton Zug und Zuerich, Ernst Göhner Stiftung

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Forget Venice. Come to Môtiers.

Hallo User!


Es sind noch Plätze frei für die etoy.CARFAHRT nach Môtiers am Samstag dem 1. September.
Bequeme Schuhe und Regenschutz einpacken, Cupli und Blackberry zuhause lassen!

Kein Kaufzwang!

Zum pauschalen Selbstkostenpreis von 100 Franken (Kinder gratis) nehmen wir Freunde und interessierte Gäste mit auf einen Trip zur ersten Skulpturenausstellung mit etoy: l'exposition Môtiers 2007 - Art en plein air im Val-de-Travers im Kanton Neuenburg. Geniesse einen entspannten Wandertag mit Familie oder Freunden - fern ab vom Gallerienhype - im Kunst-Trainingsgelände der etoy.CORPORATION. Einige Agenten werden dabei sein und nach dem Mittagessen die neusten Entwicklungen der Gruppe erläutern (gratis Teilnahme an der kurzen Tonbildschau).

Abfahrt um 09.00 in Zürich (Busparkplatz beim HB), Mittagessen in Môtiers (im Preis inbegriffen) und Besichtigung der Freiluftausstellung: von John Armleder, Roman Signer, Günther Förg, Sylvie Fleury, ueber L/B und Christoph Draeger bis San Keller und collectif_fact - 90 Schweizer Positionen im Wald, in der Hoehle und auf der Kuhweide.

Wir werden gegen 18 Uhr zurück in Zürich sein.

Anmeldung per email: mit Namen und Kontaktinformation an motiersATetoyDOTcom oder auf

etoy Agenten freuen sich auf deine Teilnahme!

general info:
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SARCOPHAGUS landing in Zurich

Today, the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS landed in Zurich. After the launch of the mobile sepulcher last August in San Jose, CA, the SARCOPHAGUS will be shown publicly for the first time in Europe on May 24-26, 2007. MISSION ETERNITY proposes a new way of remembrance by building a community of the living and the dead in the form of an art project that ventures beyond the ultimate deadline.

By invitation of the Tweakfest 2007, etoy opens the SARCOPHAGUS and integrates the first mortal remains of a MISSION ETERNITY TEST PILOT. In an online voting, etoy.SHAREHOLDERS decided to integrate the controversial thinker and pioneer Timothy Leary into MISSION ETERNITY. His ashes will enter the SARCOPHAGUS during a ceremony that involves the molding into a cement block (MISSION ETERNITY TERMINUS) scheduled for the evening of Thursday, May 24, and the transfer of the TERMINUS into the SARCOPHAGUS on Saturday, May 26.

The public is invited to attend the opening of the SARCOPHAGUS following the keynote speech of Steve Wozniak at the Tweakfest. After Zurich, the SARCOPHAGUS will travel to Motiers, NE/Switzerland, where it will be open to the public until September 2007. etoy would like to acknowledge the support of Tweakfest, Lista, Swiss Life, Migros Kulturprozent, and Canon Schweiz.


etoy: Voting on Timothy Leary mortal remains case


After an essential meeting with advisor Alan Gershenfeld (former senior vice president of Activision studios, CEO and co-founder of netomat) etoy.CORPORATION decided to call on its shareholders for an online voting in the controversial Timothy Leary mortal remains case.

As a co-owner of etoy (the creator of MISSION ETERNITY) you are asked for your opinion on the historical decision about including American counter culture icon, Timothy Leary ( into MISSION ETERNITY and to vote for or against Leary's eternal existence in etoy's social memory system.

The comments to this blog post serve as a discussion forum.

All voting codes to participate will be sent to the personal email address of each shareholder today. The voting process remains open until Sunday April 22, 2007.

About the debate:

etoy.AGENTS evaluated Leary as a potential TEST PILOT to explore and fine-tune the MORTAL REMAINS HANDLING within the MISSION ETERNITY CULT: international ash transportation laws, radiocarbon dating, research in family communications and other emotional aspects, mixing ash with special concrete to mold MISSION ETERNITY TERMINUS - a memory hybrid made from human carbon, concrete and electronic components.

While regular MISSION ETERNITY PILOTS must be alive and active during the production of their ARCANUM CAPSULE (their digital file that travels space and time forever) etoy was looking for a pioneer of the information age who is already dead but can still provide the following:

  • A) a rich archive of digital files including interviews, photos, video and sound recordings, body scans, medical records etc.
  • B) accessible mortal remains in the form of ash
  • C) enough committed friends and family members willing to help with the "postmortem encapsulation"
  • D) an interesting position during the digital revolution / within information society

The goal is to recruit a total of two such TEST PILOTS to optimize MORTAL REMAINS operations today - without the need to wait for the physical death and cremation of another PILOT. As soon as the first regular PILOT dies, the system must be running and stable (free of major bugs creating fights with authorities, friends, investors, and family).

On april 17, 2007 mortal remains couriers MARLAND and HAEFLIGER successfully transfered the first 16 grams of Timothy Francis Leary's ashes to Zurich / Switzerland. After 2 years of negotiations with the Leary family and the Leary estate, after 200 emails, phone calls and massive lobbying in California, etoy got the material (the rest of what was left after a part of his mortal remains was shot into orbit on a Pegasus rocket on February 9, 1997). Trace the ash transfer history on etoy's blog:

While most etoy.AGENTS are excited about the new TEST PILOT several people including members of the etoy.MANAGEMENT expressed concerns about the involvement of Mr. Leary. Some advisors think Leary could take over the story and create a misleading or negative context. Others say Leary should be left dead or that he could compromise the value of etoy on the international art market.

etoy, the world's first shareholder company that involves its investors in the production of art, decided to ask its owners:

It is YOU and US, etoy.SHAREHOLDERS and etoy.AGENTS, who have to make this decision and not the art market. The dealers can react to what etoy does but not control its production!

Thank you for your opinion. With your vote today you are manipulating art history!

etoy still needs ALPHA ANGELS! 63 slots for high risk testers are still open. These brave users master the first level of initiation into MISSION ETERNITY and the ALPHA ANGEL PATCH (a badge indicating their pioneering role in MISSION ETERNITY). Download the software and join the mission here
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Become a MISSION ETERNITY ANGEL now - together with, as of today, 646 other high risk art consumers, digital tourists, lawyers, and mortal remains couriers:
The MISSION ETERNITY software is ready for boarding. Make MISSION ETERNITY fly by becoming an alpha tester for the angel application software version 0.1.7. Read the security advice carefully and proceed to download:

On February 14, 2007, etoy.AGENTS forced the etoy.MANAGEMENT to install the GPLed version 0.1.2 of the ANGEL APPLICATION for self-experiment. The development to the current version 0.1.7 reflects the fight against the worst bugs - involving plasma cutters and reaping hooks.

The ANGEL APPLICATION is the technological backbone of the operation MISSION ETERNITY and the keystone that links the here and now with the beyond. A peer-to-peer network automatically backs up the digital remains of the TEST PILOTS. Forever. If one angel drops out, another one substitutes.

Becoming an angel means accepting the role of the guardian over the knowledge that passes over to the next generation. The passage is direct, digital, and distributed. You are the link between the living and the dead. By hosting MISSION ETERNITY ARCANUM CAPSULES you contribute to an inter-generational work of art that implements a new form of mourning and remembrance.

DOWNLOAD THE MISSION ETERNITY ANGEL APPLICATION TODAY! Currently, only unix-type operating systems are supported (Mac OS X, Linux, *BSD).

Taking risk for art yields rewards: The first 100 pioneers are rewarded with an ALPHA ANGEL PATCH. Follow the instructions upon installing the ANGEL APPLICATION.

Hackers join the software development mailing list:

The etoy.MANAGEMENT rates the software as stable alpha quality. By running this prototype, ALPHA ANGELS may expose themselves to several risk factors, including but not limited to network abuse, data loss and identity theft. It may be possible to exploit security holes in the ANGEL APPLICATION to collect critical data from your computer, destroy data on your computer, or install malicious software agents. The software is delivered as is without any warranty. Potential security threats can include adult content, unsolicited violence, and pre-teen screaming. Installing the prototype too late can cause seizures and may create birth defects. Consuming high risk art can kill you. It's a glorious death compared to a boring car accident.

Technical report


Today, agent HAEFLIGER locked the ashes of Timothy Leary into the safe at etoy.HEADQUARTERS after a subversive transfer from the Leary estate to agent MARLAND in California via New York to Switzerland: The clandestine Good Friday Ash Transfer was documented only days later in the etoy.BLOG
Timothy Leary is ready to enter MISSION ETERNITY: etoy awaits the decision of the etoy.SHAREHOLDERS

etoy.ACTIVITIES and preview

*The SARCOPHAGUS has left Oakland for Zurich on April 10, 2007
*On May 5, etoy invites to the Schauspielhaus Zurich for a live session with MISSION ETERNITY TEST PILOTS (background can be found here:
*On May 12, etoy inaugurates the first large-scale encapsulation TANK-SYSTEM for children: Voelklinger Huette Ironworks Park - a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture 2007
*On May 24, the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS opens its doors at Turbinenplatz in Zurich - for the first time for the Swiss audience. - Independent of religious beliefs and scientific speculations, MISSION ETERNITY explores life after death. Video introduction

Switch Innovation Award ceremony

etoy.AGENTS received the Switch Innovation award 2006 this week during a ceremony at the Museum of Communication in Bern. etoy presented details of MISSION ETERNITY and signed the Mortal Remains Agreement with test pilot Sepp Keiser, a document that will be archived by the Museum of Communication.


etoy wins the SWITCH Innovation Award 2006

MISSION ETERNITY wins the SWITCH innovation award 2006, a prize endowed with 15,000 CHF for innovations that involve a large audience by making use of the internet.

The jury rates MISSION ETERNITY as "highly unusual in artistic, technological and social terms" and commends the bold and friendly subversive undertone that disobeys established discourses about life and death, all while deeply moving the user.

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