TERMINUS: first dry TEST-MOLD with pure bussigny beton

today augustin scott de martinville and adrien rovero, our industrial designers from lausanne got their hands dirty and tested the first two molds for the MISSION ETERNITY TERMINUS. they mixed real etoy.BETON. it's a dry alpha test only... without wasting valuable celebrity ashes. the result is two heavy blocks. including a high power LED and cables. tomorrow - on KARFREITAG of course - we will get an impression of this feature. in aprox. 24h we can take the mold apart and study the concept.

we used two different molds including different materials and components: ie wood vs polyuretane. the CAPSULE ID PLATE is CNC made and once metal and once plexi galss.

later during this holy weekend an under-cover etoy.AGENT (no name will be published until the currier successfully crossed the last border) will transport 1/2 of the 32g of timothy leary's ashes from the united states to an undisclosed location in europe where the mortal remains will wait for the procession and integration into the SARCOPHAGUS. last preparations and intense discussions within the corporation are taking place at this moment!

stay tuned - but don't drop the remains!
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