ANGEL APPLICATION version 0.4.5 is disengaged into the hands of Angels!

This is another technical blow with regard to performance and stability in the 0.4 series of releases. The previous improvements have additionally been refined. It can be said with certainty that this release is the fastest ever. However, not much has happened in terms of visibility for end-users.

It should be noted that these performance enhancements are serving an important purpose: the expected lifetime theta of the ARCANUM CAPSULES stored in the ANGEL network is directly connected with the time dt needed to replace a bad medium with a good one (and replicate the content to it) [1]. The formula to calculate the lifetime is:

lifetime formula

Previous versions of the ANGEL APPLICATION (< 0.4.3) took about 10 days (in practice) to replicate and validate the current dataset in the ANGEL network, giving a lifetime of 4.13e8 years, which is about 5% of the current estimated age of the universe. This, obviously, is not good enough!

The improvements in the new version (0.4.5) make this number jump back to a sane value, namely 1.43e18 years, a number with 10 more zeros than the old version, surpassing the estimated age of the universe by the range of 100 million times. etoy.CORPORATION is back in eternity business.

For the nerds, here is the technical changelog:

  • on Mac OS X, the main window can now be closed without quitting the application (just for you agent.MONOROM ;-) )
  • mounting is not forced in a hidden way anymore. Instead, on GUI startup, a check is performed that asks the end-user if he wants to become an ANGEL by backing up missioneternity data. This only happens on fresh installations.
  • added menu Help->Version History
  • added angel_app.worker, which implements boiled down map/reduce functionality
  • html directory listing changed to be more independant of the website (css) and made it look more like a "technical" listing as opposed to looking like being part of the website
  • when syncing a collection that already exists, only sync the metadata
  • error handling refinements
  • optimized resource inspection by parallelizing network requests
  • optimized broadcast: parallelize broadcasting, essentially scaling O(1) instead of O(n). This saves about 1 hour per tree traversal right now. Also, only broadcasts to reachable clones that don't have the local node.
  • stability fixes in DirectoryDeadPropertyStore (file transactions and broken metadata)
  • optimized PROPPATCH: do not pingBack() to self
  • optimized PROPPATCH: use byte range based validation instead of full validation
  • optimized clone DNS resolution: resolve IP of local nodename, resolve all clone hostnames and check for IP doubles
  • added new config option to enable/disable parallelization in network requests, default on (common.workerforking = bool)
  • added new config variable in section 'common': 'repository-tmp'. This variable holds absolute paths, is optional and only relevant if you put the repository on a different mount point than angelHome. Atomic file renames cannot be done cross-device.

A download is available at

[1] Technical Report, Eternal Storage in Social Networks: MISSION ETERNITYs Angel-Application

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ANGEL APPLICATION version 0.4.4 has just been released.
This release introduces major speed improvements in the maintenance algorithm
which should result in maintaining local replicas a lot quicker, while
preserving network resources during normal maintenance.

In practice:

For desktop users, the maintenance process will find individual local broken
resources (e.g. also new resources / deleted resources) much faster than in
earlier versions. This only holds true if the sleep interval is small, e.g. if
the maintainer has just been started (by default, the maintainer will
incrementally adjust its speed of operation to fit into one day).

For server installation, e.g. long-running instances, it means that a lot less
traffic will be generated during the maintenance.

Note: the initial sync is still slow and will be optimized in future releases.

The changes are basically summarized as follows:

  • initial support for doing remote clone validation based on random chunks of data. Implemented using standard HTTP byte range headers. This should lead to MASSIVE bandwidth savings.
  • improvements in clone resolution: clones with numeric IP addresses are thrown away if a clone with a hostname resolving to this address exists.
  • mount now forces the remote clone to be saved locally, even if the initial inspection fails.
  • bugfix in maintenance: when no local clones are stored, recursively walk up the tree to find some
  • broadcasting of local clone to remote clones optimized (e.g. dropped reachability and existence checks, as broadcasting is allowed to fail).
  • improved KDE/Gnome support for opening the WebDAV repository.
  • optimized server side HEAD operation for directories by not computing a content listing.
  • logging: use format strings

A download is available at

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ANGEL APPLICATION version 0.4.3 has just been released by the etoy.MAD-CODER dept.

Unfortunately, a major bug slipped into the release of last week. This release fixes the problem and introduces minor networking improvements as well as an updated layout for the directory listing.

More detailed information can be found in the CHANGES file.

A download is available at


ANGEL APPLICATION 0.4.2 "pollination"

We're excited to announce the immediate availability of the ANGEL APPLICATION version 0.4.2 code-named "pollination", a peer-to-peer system for storing ARCANUM CAPSULES for eternity.

This is mainly a bugfix release over version 0.4.1 and improves performance and introduces download bandwidth throttling. Every Angel should upgrade.

More detailed information can be found in the CHANGES file.

A download is available at

UPDATE (May 22 2009): this release has a major bug, please fallback to a newer version as announced.


harvesting April 1st hoaxes for future technologies

As in many years previously, on April 1st, a new RFC has been published:

Obviously, it's a hoax. "IPv6 over Facebook" is not something anyone is gonna actually believe in, or even implement. But wait: the idea behind this joke is actually quite a good one: define an ipv6 prefix and assign another computed value to the rest of the address. What the hoax doesn't provide is working routability and compatibility with the existing ipv4 internet.

If you think the idea is ridiculous, consider this:

Some men see things as they are and say, ‘why?’ I dream of things the way they never were and say, ‘why not?’"
- Robert F. Kennedy, after George Bernard Shaw

The concept of computing new, dynamic ipv6 addresses is actually available in practice through the Teredo standard. There are different implementations out in the wild, one of which is free: Miredo. Teredo provides both global addressability and routability! And it is compatibe to the existing ipv4 internet infrastructure.

So how to use this technology for a social network, wherein every user/participant will receive a globally unique, dynamic and routable ip address? Simple, just make miredo part of the peer-to-peer software and make sure to enable ipv6 in the operating system.

This is what etoy.CORPORATION has implemented in the ANGEL APPLICATION. The ANGEL APPLICATION NETWORK, an arcane network of computers, is loosely connected via the internet, safeguarding and sharing digital fragments of MISSION ETERNITY PILOTS. The individual ANGELS are technically routed over the existing internet via virtual ipv6 addresses, just as the RFC hoax suggests. This is loosely documented in the ANGEL WIKI.

This april fools hoax is very interesting in the sense that ideas, be it for jokes, can turn out to be real world concepts/products that help us find new ways for experiencing culture, emotions, rituals, belief, life and death.

Timothy Leary's last words are reported to have been: "Why? Why not? WHY NOT? Why not? Why not? Why not?" and later, "Beautiful."


ANGEL APPLICATION 0.4.1 "zhong guo"

We're pleased to announce the availability of version 0.4.1 中国 (zhong guo) of the ANGEL APPLICATION.

This is a pure bugfix release over version 0.4 and essentially fixes a network blocking issue in the maintenance loop.

More detailed information can be found in the CHANGES file.

A download is available at


Release of ANGEL APPLICATION 0.4 中国 (zhong guo)

We're pleased to announce the availability of version 0.4 中国 (zhong guo) of the ANGEL APPLICATION.

Important improvements are:

  • a new file-based meta data store which (i) removes storage constraints imposed by the previous xattr-based solution which apple ships with twisted, and (ii) in principle allows the angel-app to run on windows-based systems.
  • GUI/web interface improvements.
  • stability fixes
  • dyndns support

More detailed information can be found in the CHANGES file.

A download is available at

To support the testing efforts and to celebrate this release, etoy.MANAGEMENT agreed to open up its archives and re-release selected copylefted content from the TOYWAR era into eternity. For a start, the infamous TOYWAR.lullabies have been committed to the ANGEL APPLICATION, and are available for public consumption at:

iTunes users: no need to explicitly download the tracks. The ANGEL APPLICATION supports WebDAV. Simply hit Command-K in the finder, and connect to the above URL to say hello to the post-browser web (no software installation required):

culture streaming from eternity

As of this release, the ANGEL APPLICATION is a fully functional personal publication platform. As a proof of concept, I am hosting a complete darcs repository on the angel-app (IPv6 required).

Plans for the next release 0.5 "Bozen" include one or more of:

  • networking performance improvements (currently, to validate a file with N clones, it is transferred over the network N times)
  • improved backward compatibility mechanisms (currently, the repository still needs to be nuked for each upgrade)
  • a forward-compatible encryption mechanism (we still rely on ezPyCrypto, the current mechanism does not allow multiple owners for a given resource)
  • throttling support (if you choose to mount someone else's repository, you will currently backup all of the data contained therein)

quick look with the eternity file system


information warfare

memos to the rescue

m221e.ETERNITY-ENGINEERS working on the future



We are very pleased to be able to announce the immediate availability of the maintenance release of ANGEL APPLICATION version 0.3.2 code-named "VIDA".

This update consists of cleanup and stability fixes since 0.3.0.


* stability fixes (resource initialization & redirect handling)
* rolling clone list
* optimizations in maintenance loop
* test cases
* minor fixes

Get it from the Developer WIKI

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We are very pleased to be able to announce the immediate availability of ANGEL APPLICATION version 0.3.0.

This update consists of stability fixes (see e.g. here), api cleanup work (see the current module import graph), as well as GUI work. See the CHANGELOG. Further information is available on the M∞ ANGEL-APPLICATION Developer Wiki.

One important thing to note: if you are upgrading from an older version, you will have to purge/empty your local repository once before being able to help safeguard MISSION ETERNITY data forever. This can be done with a single mouse-click in the File menu -> "Purge repository".
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