With its long term project MISSION ETERNITY, etoy explores life after death. We all know that we leave behind mortal remains and a massive body of information. Etoy exploits computer technology to store and process these human remains forever to discuss and learn more about memorial culture, data storage, conservation and loss, life and death.

At the beginning of the workshop etoy provides a 1-2h introduction into etoy's work and into conceptual and technical aspects behind the project MISSION ETERNITY.

At the highly interactive MISSION ETERNITY STOWAWAY WORKSHOP one or more etoy.AGENTS (depending on scale and number of participants) invite and guide humans (age 5 to +99) on an eternal trip through space and time... they will assist each person to design and construct a MINI ARCANUM CAPSULE - a unique data collection of 32MB that, at the end of the day, will be inserted into the MISSION ETERNITY STOWAWAY STORAGE. The system tries to keep the data alive forever by endless copy processes in the social network of MISSION ETERNITY ANGELS (currently 1132 people who donate a part of their free hard disk space to the mission). Each ARCANUM CAPSULE contains digital traces of one individual: voice samples, ECG recordings, drawings, ASCII notes, photos, official documents or any other data that can be stored in open formats. The special kind of (self-)portrait is an artistic approach to learn more about electronic memory culture: collecting, sellecting, storing, passing on or forgetting information. At the same time it is a tool to investigate afterlife, the most virtual of all worlds. ARCANUM CAPSULES will travel time and space forever after the death of each passenger.

The MINIMUM length of the workshop is 4 hours: 1 hr. introduction and 3 hrs. working with participants (max. 25 people).
For more information on etoy.CORPORATION and MISSION ETERNITY, please refer to and

WHAT DO PEOPLE HAVE TO BRING TO THE WORKSHOP: participants should bring whatever they want to put into their personal MINI ARCANUM CAPSULE (a compact digital data collection of about 32 MB). i.e. childhood images, documents, love letters, favorite books, (children) drawings, technical manuals of devices they use, family album, plans of their house, songs (as mp3 files), packages of the food they eat, cash register slips of last week, their trash of the day before  E!T!C! etoy is totally open to handle the most crazy data. the more the participants prepare and think about their concepts the more intense/interesting the workshop.

Participants who have a laptop should bring it.

Disclaimer: MISSION ETERNITY is an artistic venture that is highly questionable and requires open minded test pilots.



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