10 minutes to closing time

...leaving reality behind. again and again.

Join etoy.AGENTS Vincent, HG and Zai for last performances in
Gwangju/Korea TONIGHT Sat. Nov.6/7PM befor etoy will leave Korea behind

It's been a very turbulent time: the newly opened Kunsthalle Gwangju
challenged etoy with an experimental
container art space that twisted culture and arms of agents and audience.
On the upside, etoy showed a comprehensive retrospective covering 16 years
of etoy.HISTORY, the premier taking place in one of Asia's growing
hotspots, continuing our exposure to the Asian market, following up on the
SARCOPHAGUS show at the National Art Museum of China in 2008. On the
downside, working conditions were more than challenging due to stretched
construction deadlines, monsoon and a massive lack of basic

NEWS!  etoy is happy to announce a new collaboration with space pioneer
and Gwangju local, Hojun Song, initiator of the Open Source Satellite
(OSSI)! Hojun set out to develop
non-commercial and DIY use of outer space: satellites and communication
and possibly peaceful colonization. The fringe initiative is artistic for
reasons well known to etoy: sometimes only art can risk to venture into
new and highly risky domains given seemingly insurmountable social,
economic, technological, and cultural obstacles. By acquiring a
functioning communication device to be used with the first satellite, etoy
invests in OSSI as part of the etoy.ART-COLLECTION, and Hojun invests in
etoy, becoming part of our global community of shareholders, advisors,
friends - sharing risk, cultural twists, and artistic adventure.

with kisses

your etoy.AGENTS in Gwangju
and everywhere else

LOCATION REQUEST: etoy's main office and working tank plant will have to
move away from its current location in Zurich Binz by June 2011. We are
currently looking for a new location in the city of Zurich, preferably
housing 6+ cargo containers, ample surroundings, mountain or lake view,
warm water, fast access to the airport, international schools, and low

Seriously: if you know of any possible space to house the etoy.CONTAINERS,
please contact us!

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flac @ 06.12.2010 08:32 CET
This is a helpful collaboration for etoy, i hope the best.
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