etoy at VSMM2010 in SEOUL

the etoy.CREW is prepared for a speech about etoy.CORPORATION and an introduction about MISSON ETERNITY - after we will create some arcanum capsules and content with the workshop participants.

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Gwangju Press Clippings / Batch 1

Here's the first batch of press clippings about the show at Gwangju Kunsthalle - more to come, including audio from the local radio station:

Many thanks to the KHG crew for collecting these valueable artefacts.


etoy.CORPORATION presents itself at Kunsthalle Gwangju

A crowd of 30 people listened to the speech of etoy.HG about the history of etoy.CORPORATION and MISSION ETERNITY - we ended up in the artyard of the KUNSTHALLE and burned a hell lot of hell cash for our dead loved ones - a very intimate moment where some moments of truth tickled our minds and souls.


Andy Guhl, Nam June Paik and Beuys in Kunsthalle Gwangju

etoy thanks Andy Guhl for his great performance tonight at Kunsthalle Gwangju where over 80 people attended - your work inspired all the people very much. we are very much looking forward seeing you with platoon in berlin in berghain together with klangwart.

and above all: first all of success for your exhibition in kunsthalle wil that will open on saturday 6th of november.

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Performance by Andy Guhl and Peter Liechti Movie Screenings


3000 Blogposts

3000 Blogposts

Information and communication related to our activities have piled up to 3000 posts stored in our blog. Since 2002 this blog acts as a communication tool, notebook, todo-list and is a general place for the crew to dump things that are considered worth to share. The written data consists of 3'984'176 ascii characters that boil down to only 2'441'416 when neglecting the html tag-soup. Even though the enhanced and customized Flux-CMS system underneath has slightly come to age it still does a good job at logging the various threads of discussions and activities of the etoy.CORPORATION.


etoy.FRIEND ANDY GUHL is coming to GWANGJU

Andy Guhl is coming to GWANGJU

THE INSTRUMENT - you hear what you see

THE INSTRUMENT is Andy Guhls music and photo instrument for an audio-visual live performance. It consists of broad, highly developed „cracked everyday electronics“ and expands this audio performance with divers wireless micro cameras, beamers to a synchronic audio-visual experience. The painting of light with photo chips from micro-cameras, reflectors and refractors explores new dimensions in visual phenomena. The light and the flickering involved have an effect on optical scanners and develop a different electronic sound. New picture information is generated by the audio-visual signal, setting itself to music once again. The light is transformed to sound by self-built light sensors.
The direct interplay with this audio-visual feedback in an analogue electronic system makes up „The Instrument“. „The Instrument“, you see what you hear.

Andy Guhl (*1952, Switzerland)

Andy Guhl is a pioneer sound artist and one of the fathers of European electronic experimental music. As part of Voice Crack, he has strongly influenced multiple generations of musicians and artists of the international noise movement. He released over 30 albums and held performances and exhibitions in over 20 countries.
He started his career in 1972 in improvisational free jazz together with Norbert Möslang. In 1983 they started cracking daily electronics and developed it to the cracked everyday electronics. By manipulating these objects, they broke down the traditional barrier between daily items and musical instruments and their acoustic perception. In the1990s the duo expanded their reach into visual representation of acoustic phenomena with installations, such as the „Sound Shifting“ at the Venice Biennial 2001. Since 2002 Andy Guhl works on his own with installations using audio-visual feedback in analogue electronic systems that he calls „The Instrument“, the expanded cracked everyday electronics.





Well, everybody has seen it, no?! "...etoy and its agents have contributed to confusion and legal conflicts in the past. Tension, trouble, hazard and error are fundamental aspects of the most successful etoy.WORKS..."

GENERAL-DISCLAIMER:  etoy.CORPORATION is a corporate sculpture and shareholder company created to generate and share culture profits as opposed to maximizing financial prosperity. etoy and its agents have contributed to confusion and legal conflicts in the past. Tension, trouble, hazard and error are fundamental aspects of the most successful etoy.WORKS. The group is economically highly volatile and exposed to a variety of risk factors. etoy.CORPORATION assumes no liability for any kind of mental or physical damage and/or depravation resulting from the impact of the etoy.VIRUS on financial markets, global culture and reality. etoy is a registered trade mark. Past success does not guarantee future performance.

prod.SHOWS / 2010 GWANJU kunsthalle


New etoy.AGENT activated: etoy.HG

Welcome etoy.HG, officially part of the crew since fall 2010, joining the corporation in the midst of the Gwangju show

«Hannes Gassert aka etoy.HG is a tech entrepreneur, writer and technology strategist invested in business models beyond profit. While studying Computer Science and Media Sociology in Fribourg (Switzerland) and publishing on Semantic Wikis at DERI Galway (Ireland), he co-founded Liip, a leading Swiss agile web development firm and helped scaling it up to 50+ employees. Since 2001 he's organizing community efforts pushing for open source and open standards. An etoy investor and supporter since 1999, he's currently on duty as an executive etoy.AGENT in Gwangju (Korea) as well as working with O'Reilly Media on a forthcoming book on open source e-learning strategies.»

Find the biographies of all current etoy.AGENTS here.

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