Workshop Mission

MISSION ETERNITY is about our digital afterlife. We try to define and preserve our own unique infosphere for eternity - that is why we work as well with an ECG machine (we will do heart scans during the workshop, be aware: this is not harmful - is is micro-electric of our muscels): this allows us to draw the electric impulses of our heart (which is UNIQUE FOR EVERY PERSON!) in a line. The collaboration with BERNINAallows us to bring this unique traces to the outside: fashion is all about identiy - and we want people to be able to bring this uniquness onto their clothes - this is where the collaboration with BERNINA starts. So we want people to be able to have their unique signature - as a embroidery - ie in the form of a ecg heart drawing - on their shirts, or ties, or trousers.

prod.SHOWS / 2010 GWANJU kunsthalle



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