ETOY at VSMM 2010

the workshop participants had to face the question of their own understanding from eternity and even more: what kind of remain is so valuable to be kept and spread. A broad range from files got scanned from us agents, was scrumbeld by etoy.VINCENT and got its unique number: we so released the data of these ten STOWAWAY CAPSULES into our ANGEL APPLICATION. the participants proudly copied their ARCANUM CAPSULES ID from the chat. one very good input we got from the people from randomwalks - what keeps the link to us, to the social net, once we are gone, what keeps us alive: the storys, that our friends tell about us, the way they feel about us - and how to keep these energys going, that is what got very nicly manifestated in their idea. please scroll the STOWAWAY DATA to find their data.
thanks to everyone participating and especially as well for the VSMM to organize everything so well - above all Hyun Seung Yang. 

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badmash @ 22.10.2010 19:32 CET
I just signed up to your blogs rss feed. Will you post more on this subject?
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