etoy.FRIEND ANDY GUHL is coming to GWANGJU

Andy Guhl is coming to GWANGJU

THE INSTRUMENT - you hear what you see

THE INSTRUMENT is Andy Guhls music and photo instrument for an audio-visual live performance. It consists of broad, highly developed „cracked everyday electronics“ and expands this audio performance with divers wireless micro cameras, beamers to a synchronic audio-visual experience. The painting of light with photo chips from micro-cameras, reflectors and refractors explores new dimensions in visual phenomena. The light and the flickering involved have an effect on optical scanners and develop a different electronic sound. New picture information is generated by the audio-visual signal, setting itself to music once again. The light is transformed to sound by self-built light sensors.
The direct interplay with this audio-visual feedback in an analogue electronic system makes up „The Instrument“. „The Instrument“, you see what you hear.

Andy Guhl (*1952, Switzerland)

Andy Guhl is a pioneer sound artist and one of the fathers of European electronic experimental music. As part of Voice Crack, he has strongly influenced multiple generations of musicians and artists of the international noise movement. He released over 30 albums and held performances and exhibitions in over 20 countries.
He started his career in 1972 in improvisational free jazz together with Norbert Möslang. In 1983 they started cracking daily electronics and developed it to the cracked everyday electronics. By manipulating these objects, they broke down the traditional barrier between daily items and musical instruments and their acoustic perception. In the1990s the duo expanded their reach into visual representation of acoustic phenomena with installations, such as the „Sound Shifting“ at the Venice Biennial 2001. Since 2002 Andy Guhl works on his own with installations using audio-visual feedback in analogue electronic systems that he calls „The Instrument“, the expanded cracked everyday electronics.



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