New etoy.AGENT activated: etoy.HG

Welcome etoy.HG, officially part of the crew since fall 2010, joining the corporation in the midst of the Gwangju show

«Hannes Gassert aka etoy.HG is a tech entrepreneur, writer and technology strategist invested in business models beyond profit. While studying Computer Science and Media Sociology in Fribourg (Switzerland) and publishing on Semantic Wikis at DERI Galway (Ireland), he co-founded Liip, a leading Swiss agile web development firm and helped scaling it up to 50+ employees. Since 2001 he's organizing community efforts pushing for open source and open standards. An etoy investor and supporter since 1999, he's currently on duty as an executive etoy.AGENT in Gwangju (Korea) as well as working with O'Reilly Media on a forthcoming book on open source e-learning strategies.»

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