etoy going GWANGJU

we just got confirmation for our big show with platoon in gwangju/korea. it will take place during the gwangju biennale (INFO: )sept/oct 2010.

platoon is currently setting up their second kunsthalle in asia (36 containers! the bastards are growing like hell!). for all of you who still dont know the project -> go and check it out:

tom met with the ministery of culture in korea yesterday: they greenlighted the concept for a big etoy.SOLOSHOW.

happynesss and excitement: the platoon guys are perfect for such a venture because they understand etoy and its values/twists well, they are 100% container based, their approach is unconventional and (!) working with them is great fun* as we saw in berlin!

anyway... we are now working full speed on the implementation a 360° etoy.SHOW including the sarcophagus, tamatar, pachinko, daycare, etoy.SHARED-HISTORY etc. yes: we will move to korea ;-)

in this sense: it's a good moment to re-evaluate our share price.

more soon!

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