Mathon soundscape for M∞ Sarcophagus

Mathon at etoy's Mission Eternity Sarcophagus
Pete Leuenberger and Roger Stucki from Mathon

The collaboration between Mathon and etoy for the soundscape of the Mission Eternity Sarcophagus continued intensively towards Ars Electronica 2009. What started with a small concept and yielded in an impressive first release for Heiligkreuz got refined again, and is currently mesmerizing the many visitors of the Sarcophagus on Ars Electronica's upperdeck.

Mathon's soundscape is an integral part of the Sarcophagus already. Voices and breathing of our Testpilots are woven together with minimal clicks on booming ambient layers. All floating - no beats and disturbing breaks, so that a visitor just feels like lying down on the orange pillows to enjoy the space.



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