The book Freesouls - captured and released by Joi Ito is finally available in a limited edition release, featuring really nice shots of some of the etoy.AGENTS. Well shot and beautiful portraits, but moreover an interesting process; A flickr-set containing portraits tagged with `freesouls' that unfolded into a concept of creating authentic portraits released under a creative commons license that can be freely used e.g. for Wikipedia pages.

I think I'm trying to get a mental image of a person, certain expressions, or what I think that person is about. I'm trying to capture what I think they look like, which is many times a minority of their typical expressions, or their typical stance. So, if I'm taking pictures of Larry [Lessig], I want to have his signature hand gestures, and not just random ones.
(Joi Ito, from the Essay `Just another free soul`)




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