Party, Saturday 12th July @ etoy.TANKS


next Friday will be Anna's birthday, I just turned 30, and etoy returns from its successful exploit in Beijing [1].

Three good reasons to have a party at the etoy.IMPLANTAT [2], a beautiful piece of post-industrial wilderness near the center of Zurich.

A lamb (100% organic [3]), fire, beer and soft-drinks (as well as a bunch of other basics) will be provided starting at around 5 p.m. If you want to be one of the kool kids, though, please consider bringing along at least one of the following:
-- friends
-- your favorite mobile food or exotic drinks
-- fireworks, music, hand guns

Hope to see you there,

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gassi @ 09.07.2008 13:44 CET
It's my birthday too :)
capt. b. dick @ 09.07.2008 16:12 CET
sounds good. it's just been my birthday as well so i might crash in with a bunch of friends. what's the soundsystem provide for input wise? i wanna be one of the cool kids that bring along something from your list above.
Alex D. Steak @ 09.07.2008 19:11 CET
coolex! For the music, I have been
asked by vikr to provide some, if
possible... I will try to have a
impossibly wide selection...
(from Johnny Cash to old school
electro, from NIN to Mozart :)

Of course, if the houseowners allow
that... :D
capt. b. dick @ 09.07.2008 19:58 CET
hi alex, chiming in from the robots4robots self help group here. i was more wondering if i could bring along some black gold or if my ipod will have to suffice. i'm more electronically oriented i guess although johnny cash and nin is certainly also my cup of tea. if i make it there on sunday it'd be vintage electronica heavily on the italian side if you know what i mean.
alexdsteak @ 09.07.2008 22:56 CET
Actually I am bringing my laptop
with Tracktor, so I don't know
how to fit all the things together..
but I believe that there is always
a solution :D
Alex D. Steak @ 13.07.2008 22:29 CET
Party was really nice, the lamb
was very good and the etoy people
great as usual...
If somebody has some visual reference for the night that would
be appreciated...

Looking forward for the Bolzano
etoy.VINCENT @ 16.07.2008 19:31 CET
visuals are here:

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