beijing hotspring business club

it's almost 7AM in a free to use internet room in a very special corner of beijing (more info below). IMAGINE: next to me a guy - in exactly the same pyjama as i wear- playing an ego shooter game. he looks like he killed newbies like me and other moving pixels all night long. another maniac (yes. the same pyjama as well) collapsed and sleeps on his keyboard. ohhhh teufel. i love such situations... i feel like a wiliam gibson character! i have to blog this !

but the chinese keyboard gives me a hard time... no copy paste. so i write an email report to myself ....that will reach the blog with a 24 delay (HERE IT IS! who cares... time seams very very relative over here this reality).

background: i just woke up (06:23, a discret led display informed me about the coordinates in space and time) in a luxury bed (with built in lcd screen, motors to move my position, many pillows... two chinese friends on both sides). i remember: about 3 hours ago i had a wonderful foot massage. 4,5 hours ago i was having dinner with very drunk chinese art giants... (no names please!)

spent a night in the hotspring buisness club in the capitol of china. its my last night after five weeks of beijing action and our cool synthetic time producer Li Zhenghua and his friend took me to this crazy place.

we arrived around midnight after an arario gallery opening of a show by artist WANG DU and a dinner with at least 100 artists, curators, gallerists, writers etc.

Mr Li promised me living fish that eat the dirty and dead skin from my body! sounds like a MUST DO and good happy end for one of the most exciting and interesting "cultural value business trips" in my life.

the result is simply amazing!

i'm not able to describe this fake paradise spa, rain forest, luxury club providing everything you can imagine... from endless spa solutions and perfect service to delicious food, sofa style luxury beds (built in tv screens etc etc), gambling tables, cigar smoking in the water, private/small group/public relaxing areas, bars, reading rooms etc... and yes: swarms of tiny fish that suck your skin.

and even internet rooms like the ones that i use right now.

i cant believe it: you can stay here 18h for the standard price to relax from the china hype and even bring your books or labtop.

women and men are seperated for the spa and some areas...but most areas are shared.

it does not seam so expensive to me... but lets wait with this final comment... i did not check out yet!

ok.. now i have to run and find a phone to say good bye to wonderful miss monorom who was a great business partner and friend here in beijing (like everzwhere else!).

tonight we will be both gone. but etoy.MURIEL and etoy.FRED will "hold" beijing for the corporation.

thanks to everybody! especially li for this HAPPY ENDING.

over and out. log out.



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