Asset transfer to the dead

The all new etoy.AFTERLIFE-CERTIFICATES can be handled in the following way. Please submit your own experience, improvements, and success stories below. We need to know exactly how to transfer assets between the living and the dead.
  1. Select the birthday or the day of death of the deceased individual (below: beneficiary). Additionally, any holiday is suitable because spending tends to increase during holidays in this life as well as in the afterlife.
  2. Select a street junction near you. (IMPORTANT: it must be a crossing! Possibly this is related to access, winds, and exit options - more information needed)
  3. Draw a circle on the ground for each beneficiary. One circle for all won't cut it.
  4. Draw an exit to the circle for the beneficiary to be able to leave quickly after grabbing the cash. The exit should have a box-like shape adjacent to the circle.
  5. Burn the certificates inside the circle.
  6. Any conversation during the procedure is optional and not mandatory for transfer success.
Please comment and add to our limited understanding of these types of asset transfers. Links and pointers are welcome!
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agent zai in beijing @ 14.06.2008 09:06 CET
i hope agent haefliger, our chief economist does not get in trouble with his serious research fellows at ETH because of high risk art asset transfer betwenn the HERE and the THERE. ;-)

stefan: thanks for studying, developing and documenting this - on the edge of reality - cultural phenomenon with me in china. with your knowledge and references you push the etoy.VALUE-DISCOURSE way beyond fake level. after making etoy.SHARE very real it is good to expand into this rather crazy cultural realm of joss paper and merge it with our stock system.

that's exactly what etoy needs! cross culture art breeding. in real time. twisted interaction with real talents and highly motivated people in china instead of hanging trendy art on a museum wall or placing some shiny object in a cool gallery.

of course: some critics will consider the etoy.AFTERLIFE-CERTIFICATE nothing but a joke. for me it is more -> another manifestation of our transreal scann of cultural realities, believe and value systems.

a good old swiss frank (or a serious google share) is not much more real or unreal than paper burned to transfer cash to the dead. it is all a question of believing in something and creating/sharing/following rules within a specific social system.

thanks for your contribution and the very cool days in china. i look forward to bolzano. our work gets very concrete and melts more and more hot issues.
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