etoy got slash dotted

... and - as the cliché requires - the etoy servers collapsed under the massive traffic the article and discussion on (news for nerds) generated.
result: a lot of confused hackers ;-) some even think that this is a media hack / prank by etoy.

etoy.HAEFLIGER wrote:
hi, here's how it got there: Matthias Stürmer who works in our team at ETH booked an office tank (etoy.CONTAINER) for their hackontest end of September and announced it on /.
... He misplaced the link to the SARCOPHAGUS instead of a regular etoy tank. Google is one of their sponsors.
So this confusion created the PR frenzy without giving us the opportunity to really benefit, except for the traffic...
thats great! this viral data salad shows perfectly how memetic mutation can lead to crazy stories that are not at all intentional. nobody created this to trigger a hype. a link to the wrong web address ... the rest is distributed story telling, conspiracy theory and imagination. its all in there: dead bodies, drugs, hackers and even google!

fact is: etoy just wants to be nice and contributes a regular etoy.TANK to the event ;-)

i admit that the etoy.CONTEXT and our history probably fueled the whole madness: etoy - leaving reality behind since 1994.

actually we don't create art and code to confuse people. our stuff is just a bit closer to the edge of reality than most corporation's output. things sometimes get a bit out of  our control.

thank you for helping us grow!
agent zai, ceo etoy.CORPORATION

On Apr 22, 2008, at 12:22 PM, etoy.POL wrote:

I find it rather disturbing to get to know about such huge public involvement of etoy in the hacker community through /.

especially since it could involve finding dedicated contributors for the angel-app.

Wo genau ist die Verbindung zwischen einem Google-Projekt und etoy?


silvan.zurbruegg wrote:
Die ganze story hier beschert uns seit gestern massiv traffic: / war gestern zeitweise nicht
erreichbar. Es beginnt zu bessern heute ...
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etoy.HAEFLIGER @ 22.04.2008 13:21 CEST
reality as true as it gets.
Thomas Lord @ 25.04.2008 02:16 CEST
Now, really, my only complaint here is that Bruce's "conspiracy theorist" meme is spreading. That's just wrong and not at all in the spirit of the sculpture. ;-)

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