BIORAMA [Friday 13th July 2007]

etoy presents MISSION ETERNITY at BIORAMA, a one-day event that illustrates new directions in art, science and technology by bringing together artists who explore notions of life, science and digital realities.

The BIORAMA sessions are curated by Mónica Bello and will take place at DRU in Huddersfield, UK, on Friday July 13th 2007 from 3:30 pm untill 10:00 pm.

Different interesting artistic positions will be introduced, which explore the natural environment, artificial landscapes and interactions with real or imagined lifeforms:

3.30 pm Introduction: Derek Hales + Mónica Bello (capsula)
4.00 pm Session 1: Andy Gracie (hostprods) 5.00 pm Session 2: London Fieldworks + C-Lab [5.50 pm Break: Biorama Buffet]
6.30 pm Session 3: Agnes Meyer-Brandis + Brandon Ballengee
7.30 pm Session 4: France Cadet + etoy
8.30 pm Sound Sessions : Enrike Hurtado + Thor Magnusso


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