How to build an etoy.TANK - Part One

etoy.CEO agent.Zai and etoy.INTERN agent.MAKI are showing how
to customize your shipping-container into an original etoy.TANK.
A welding apparatus, a plasma cutter, some grinding machines and
a lot of steel are needed for the modification.

Here you can watch how to do it in motion pictures.

agent.ZAI welding
agent.ZAI is welding the reinforcing element, also called the
tank.BACKBONE, to the conatainer roof. Because the endwalls
are cut out to the half on two sites the container loses a lot of
stability. With this construction the etoy.TANK shouldn't collapse
when it is liftet.

etoy.TANK voelklingen etoy.TANK voelklingen
Here is how you and your contanier should look like after the
etoy.TANK rebuilding Part One.
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christoph @ 22.03.2007 15:42 CET
congratulations ZAI + MAKI!!!
that's great! new babys are fantastic.. also the video-blog.. we will follow you soon here in seoul with some PLATOON.tanks!
zai @ 24.03.2007 10:39 CET
great to know that our next holiday tank docking station in seoul is getting ready!!! can't wait to be shipped.
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