16x16 blinkenpanel with gumstix

The Blinken-software and all nescessary tools could be quite easily ported to the gumstix. Some tweaks and segfaults later (sshd caused some issues), the first tests with a 16x16 panel are currently running. Performance-wise, the 400Mhz Xscale on the gumstix seems to cope quite well with the testmovies.
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vincent @ 16.03.2007 08:42 CET
this is excellent news! i have to say the gumstix & panel combination looks like a perfect match. now, if only we could get a FON wifi router in there as well, we would be permanently globally connected for free as well ;-)
HAEFLIGER @ 16.03.2007 08:52 CET
The gumstix stuff looks rather fragile - don't let me or Stamberger work on it. hehehe.
And can I order one of these small, nifty panels for my living room?
vincent @ 16.03.2007 09:01 CET
well, i guess that's the whole point if i understand it correctly -- they go _inside_ the panel. so no need to handle them ;-)

if you want to order one of those panels, i'm sure you can get one, though the price tag may be significant.

just contact investor relations ;-)
silvan @ 16.03.2007 09:15 CET
Carrying the gumstix with me for quite some time now. Packed into a small box, it yet survived various levels of shaking, falling off from tables, car drives etc. :) I'm quite confident about its resistance as long as the board is not exposed directly - The connectors etc. are very fragile indeed.
zai @ 16.03.2007 10:26 CET
etoy.CARGO-TANKS made of saarstahl mark one pole of the etoy.HARDWARE-UNIVERSE and gumstix technology the other. inbetween this span we can sandwich the whole world.

ich liebe es.
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