etoy at iconomix - art-process

For the launch of the iconomix magazine, agents ZAI and HAEFLIGER visited Paris for 24 hours and received a local update on art and economix! Art-process with Eric Mézan publishes iconomix and runs a series of art programs, repeatedly involving etoy. Their party at the Hotel Amour at 9ème was a pleasurable opportunity to approach this not-so-distant art market.

Rose Marie Barrientos, art historian and author of an introduction to etoy in French, hosted and introduced etoy to Yann Toma and his work, currently exhibited at Galerie Patricia Dorfmann:

Yann runs Ouest-Lumière, an excavated utility turned art company, that outsources the production of epic imagery to India. Clients cast their themes and have artists in India paint the customized Epopée.

Marie Lechner of Libération - at Café de l'Industrie, rue Saint-Sabin/Bastille.

Haefliger, Rose Marie Barrientos, Zai, Sara Stenczer


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