etoy issued an updated strategy for the use of the etoy.HOLOGRAM: to certifiy all etoy art works. The artist's signature and the stroke of the brush are no longer adequate indicators of authorship. Watch out for the etoy.HOLOGRAM - the only valid proof of etoy.ORIGIN.

With every line of code, every sculpture, image, publication, exhibition, and award the etoy.BRAND and the body of work produced by collaborating etoy.AGENTS gains value. Today, low-quality plagiarism and counterfeit are a logical consequence of success. Asian brand pirates, greedy artists working for etoy in the past, former husbands and girl friends or art clowns: there are plenty of self-proclaimed etoy.EXPERTS trying to take advantage by offering phony paraphernalia or cruft from the etoy.TRASHCAN.

20'000 units produced in 2006 will be selectively applied and update etoy's corporate authenticity to reflect today's demand for originality in technology-driven art without ever compromising the rights and freedoms of the consumer of digital art.


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