Sakku on the road with the etoy.CREW

picture courtesy of Everett Taasevigen

Sakku 013 was a permanent companion of the etoy.CREW during their venture to setup and perform the MISSION ETERNITY project at the ZeroOne festival in San Jose, CA. Besides fitting perfectly to the crew's ci and uniforms, the bag proved to be extremely useful to ensure internal communication flows by keeping the mobiles charged. With the help of the hot californian sun, sakku managed to successfully bypass almost any circumstances with unstable electricity supply. Moreover, sakku became almost indispensable after charging the crew's dremel during a time-critical night shift.
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Gregor J. Rothfuss @ 25.08.2006 17:38 CEST (Trackback)
via etoy and bernhard comes word of a new messenger bag with solar panels. while not powerful enough to charge...
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