lausanne 17.1.2006

etoy.BALMER... what an agent name!

pls do not confuse etoy.BALMER with the billionaire monkey freak microsoft.BALMER

etoy.BALMER has a background in culture management (diploma from the university of basel) and joins the etoy.CREW as candidate for the CFO position. he is currently in test mode so we can find out if he fits into the team. the first impression is very good: mr. balmer seams to be a serious but at the same time twisted person with a good feeling for the etoy.CODE. he and his family stay in bern.

in the past balmer directed the well known event location dampfzentrale in bern (for 10 years) and in this context organized more than 4000 events.

etoy.CORPORATION hopes to profit from balmers experience and management skills.

etoy.HAEFLIGER placed a job offering looking for a person with balmers profile on various websites and info boards. other candidates with interesting profiles responded. the management currently discusses job opportunities with 3 other candidates. at this moment etoy offers a position as assistant of the ceo and various jobs in the sponsoring /
public relation sector.

i'm looking forward to work with etoy.BALMER and
your CEO / etoy.ZAI


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