URGENT: legal document translation needed for MISSION ETERNITY at BURNING MAN 2005

to increase cultural value etoy relies not only on investments of capital, but also knowledge, expertise and labor.

JOB OFFERING: etoy is looking for a native english-speaking lawyer for the generation of a refined version of a short (ca. 200 words ) legal text -> letter of instruction / last will.

the etoy.LEGAL dept. designed a raw 1:1 translation from the german inhouse draft. now the project needs a stylish (legal) english text for the art project.

TASK: to review and correct the wording so it fits the needs and style of a legal doc and work of art that will be exhibited around the globe.

PROBLEM: MISSION ETERNITY / etoy.CREW needs the final text withing the next 3 days and offers 25 etoy.SHARES for the work.

-> invest in art and become part of the etoy.VIRUS that infects the way people think, feel and interact.

contact etoy.JOBS by email (jobs or leave a comment here to get the raw text.

we look forward to do business with you!

UPDATE, etoy.VINCENT, August 27th, 12:35 AM:
the request has been successfully processed.
many thanks to dr. j. pepelnik and christoph lindinger for their excellent work!



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