INVITATION: this saturday! FRIENDLY FIRE in Berlin


TARGET DESCRIPTION: friends of etoy.
interested culture tourists welcome.

TIMING: 23.7.2005 / 8pm - 1am.
in case of nice weather->pool open->3pm.

TARGET LOCK: north 52°31.53' east 13°24.28'
weinmeisterstr.3 / berlin (alexanderplatz)
map link

TROOPS: etoy.AGENTS and PLATOON cultural

CONTEXT: 10 etoy.AGENTS from all over the
world gather this weekend to discuss and
vote on the strategy & content 2006. the
etoy.GENERAL-MEETING-2005 takes place on
the 35th floor of the PARK INN Berlin.

the group plans massive investments in
MISSION ETERNITY - a multi user sarcophagus
for the information age. So far, one beta
test pilot (82 years old mr. keiser,
microfilm pioneer from the city of zug)
works with the crew on the production of
the first interactive ARCANUM CAPSULE in
which mr. keiser will be traveling trough
space and time forever.

the first regular users will be recruited
during the burning man festival in the nevada
desert (august 29 – september 5, 2005).

prospective users may contact:


PARTNERS: EUnet/Celebration Hotels/TEC-IT
/PLATOON - cultural development incl. Adidas
/Produkt & Vision -
/Pro Helvetia/LISTA - making workspace work
/ of Zug/Kanton Zurich
/MIGROS kulturprozent - science & future
/La Claustra/BONOWI



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