Barcelona Experiences: etoy.ZAI, etoy.MARCOS and friends

March 31st 2005: day of arrival


etoy and friends drinking nonalcoholic bier: R>L: Elena ("la Caixa"), etoy.ZAI, etoy.MARCOS, Chris Naylor (, Sam (Chris' son)

April 1st to 2nd 2005: speechs at Fundacion "la Caixa" FORUM: Art and Education in the information age (photos by Mariló Fernández Indiano)




Heath Bunting (


Francisco Rubio & Peter McLaren

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April 3th 2005: etoy praying for the pope


April 4th 2005: after the pope is death two etoy.AGENTS doing research for MISSION ETERNITY at CEMENTERIO DE ARENYS DE MAR









April 4th 2005: etoy at interview on radio23




after the interview: L>R: Eduardo's girl friend, Antónia Folguera (Radio 23, interviewer), etoy.ZAI, Rodrigo Alonso (University of Buenos Aires), Tati (Radio 23), Eduardo Imasaka.



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