zurich/erlen 15.10.2004: etoy moving two etoy.TANKS to the LISTA head quarter in erlen. the high end manufacturer of office and storage equipment currently hosts an etoy.STUDIO-TANK and the etoy.ART-COLLECTION-STORAGE-TANK. etoy.AGENTS plan and execute a major update to enhance the etoy.WORK-FLOW and to maximize cultural profits.

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Lista International is a world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, efficient, modular storage and workspace systems – drawer storage cabinets, industrial and technical electronic workbenches, Storage Wall® Systems, accessory systems and other unique solutions.

etoy.CORPORATION is proud to be a LISTA partner like ferrari, mcLaren-mercedes, sauber-petronas and other crews operating on the limit and beyond.

"The Lista system saves space and time: Much space can be saved with our modular products. Our movable shelving, for instance, needs only a fraction of the floorspace required by conventional shelving. The individual components can be adapted flexibly to the particular functions and working conditions. In this way, valuable stock items can be protected against damage and loss, a better overview is assured, access is quicker, and working procedures can be easily and cost-efficiently linked and simplified. With the product system, Lista is also in line with the current trend in work organization, towards light, mobile workplaces that enable continuous adaptation to change. Lista products are not only long-lived but economical as well, with an excellent price/performance ratio. "



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