sponsor MIGROS is our guest at etoy.TANK-PLANT2 today

dear etoy.SHAREHOLDER and friend,

today (WEDNESDAY / 15.10.2003) our long term
partner MIGROS (a supermarket chain) invites
interested users to a "digital brainstorm"
with the etoy.TANK-PLANT-CREW at dachkantine
on toni parkdeck/7th floor/foerrlibuckstr.109

MIGROS / kulturprozent - science & future:

etoy.BOARD-MEMBERS will open the public event
at 19.00 with a 30 min. presentation of facts
& figures. in a short Q&A session guests will
have the chance to find out more about
etoy.OPERATIONS in connecticut, voelklingen,
madrid, amsterdam and cape town. agents from
the following departments will be on site:
etoy.R&D software, etoy.BIOTECH, etoy.ART-
and etoy.EDUCATION.

ceo etoy.ZAI will take questions about his
strategy to handle the increasing workload due
to his new professorship (since this semester
head of unit "media & interaction design" at
ecal / university of art and design lausanne).

between 20.00 and 21.30 etoy.TANK-PLANT2 is
open for inspection. 8 etoy.CORE-AGENTS &
etoy.SPECIAL-AGENTS will be available for guided
tours, culture banking, catering and small talk.


etoy.TANK-PLANT2 in zurich is powered by MIGROS
and IBM schweiz. thank you for helping us grow.


free softwares evil hitmen

did you know that the "linux movement" is represented by evil hitmen?

the enforcerers, so to speak? who make sure that you adhere to the viral licensing restrictions of the most broadly used open source license?

according to an article in forbes the free software foundation pursues the license restrictions, which are violated by some companies by talking to them.

apparently the proper method is to have the thugs of the business software alliance break down your door and raid your company if you vioalte software licenses. provided one might not be suspected to be an evil commie.

it's actually a fun read by one daniel lyons, whom appears to be in dire need of a clue.


eToy transforme l'ADN en oeuvre d'art et se l'approprie - 2003-10-13



reclaiming bx the ploice




reclaiming the street






etoy investment advice

A California artist brainstorms and decides to sell options on his neurons. Right now the price is $10 for a million of 'em. Not bad for some piece of mind.
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ratted on your sources lately?

so you're annoyed that the fbi secretly obtained a list of what you recently checked out from your friendly library?

or you're a bit miffled that your favorite airline despite its privacy pledge submitted your data to a private contractor?

possibly you're a bit pissed about the fact that certain government agencies are aware about your affinity for middle eastern food. since you use a shopping card? in order to profit from those truely incredible deals?

but then again you didn't quite deem it necessary to wear your tinfoil hat just yet?

if you're a us based journalist you might do just that (order a supply of protection devices against those black helicopters real soon). according to this read on security focus you may soon be subpoenad to give up every last scrap of information including your sources to the those folks with badges or risk to be sent for an extended stay to the slammer.

of course you're not allowed to talk about this to no one.

if you're a journalist in the usa you may consider immigration to a different country. or failing that you could at least vote at your next elections.


LOT-EK MDU container

Last weekend I went to see the LOT-EK exhibition at UCSB (university of california santa barbara). LOT-EK has developed their MDU (mobile dwelling unit) container system as a solution to nomadic global culture. Like much of their work the solution is resourceful, well crafted and involves an intelligent use of technology and materials.

One shipping container is transformed into a Mobile Dwelling Unit. Cuts in the metal walls of the container generate extruded sub-volumes, each encapsulating one live, work or storage function. When traveling, these sub-volumes are pushed in, filling the entire container, with each other and leaving the outer skin of the container flush to allow worldwide standardized shipping.


california recall propaganda

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