ratted on your sources lately?

so you're annoyed that the fbi secretly obtained a list of what you recently checked out from your friendly library?

or you're a bit miffled that your favorite airline despite its privacy pledge submitted your data to a private contractor?

possibly you're a bit pissed about the fact that certain government agencies are aware about your affinity for middle eastern food. since you use a shopping card? in order to profit from those truely incredible deals?

but then again you didn't quite deem it necessary to wear your tinfoil hat just yet?

if you're a us based journalist you might do just that (order a supply of protection devices against those black helicopters real soon). according to this read on security focus you may soon be subpoenad to give up every last scrap of information including your sources to the those folks with badges or risk to be sent for an extended stay to the slammer.

of course you're not allowed to talk about this to no one.

if you're a journalist in the usa you may consider immigration to a different country. or failing that you could at least vote at your next elections.



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