etoy switches to KAYWA

the etoy.CORPORATION welcomes KAYWA as the official sponsor of all etoy blogging systems.

as a distributed global network the etoy.CORPORATION has long faced the challenge of creating a liquid flow of assets (knowledge, info, power, expertise, and resources) between etoy.AGENTS, over the net, and from one etoy.TANK to another.

the KAYWA blog platform provides a perfect solutions to the problem of managing knowledge in this distributed context. As a collaborative tool blogs unlock, transfer, and mediate latent knowledge among the etoy.CREW and the general public.

given the current blogging culture, switching from Moveable Type to KAWYA may be seen as a political statement. Since 1994 etoy has developed software solutions, internal and external, to channel and sync communications with a global audience. experience has shown that the most effective systems are the ones which are most open - which have the ability to morph, grow, evolve, plug-in & plug-out.

the KAWYA architecture symbolizes this flexibility. with a background in science, technology and design KAYWAY is a natural partner for etoy.



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