transnational republic in zurich

the etoy.CORPORATION is proud and honored to welcome our friends from the transnational republic to zurichs highest hotspot INFO: citizens of the transnational republic are not defined through blood or birthplace but through a similarity in their minds. we therefore ask every person who has an affinity to this and the following principles to join our transnational republic as a free citizen.

this is the foundation for all sorts of smart people gathering together for widening their horizons, intellectual interchange and the most wicked and fun parties you can imagine. visitors of last years Biennale Internazionale Arte Giovane in torino have certainly not forgotten the transnationals parties and events there.

transnational republic will operate an immigration office in zurich, providing non-citizens with the chance to apply for citizenship.

tours with apero for etoy.AGENTS and close friends will take place this friday, august 15 atetoy.TANK-PLANT on the rooftop (7th floor) of foerrlibuckstrasse 109. immigration services will be available from 8pm.

NOTE: space in the tanks is strictly limited. register.



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