10 years Debian: THANK YOU! party in zurich

Debian GNU/Linux is turning 10 on august 16, 2003! To say THANK YOU for a very long and stable relationship etoy.CORPORATION is inviting developers, system-administrators, users, geeks, nerds, DNS divas and interested people to party with their favorite OS at etoy.TANK-PLANT2, on the park-deck of toni-areal in zurich, switzerland.

we start around 19.30 on saturday, august 16, 2003... please register online.

this party will be one of many around the world. the etoy.CORPORATION
(market leader in experimental culture-code) is hosting the event. wlan, energy music, food and drinks are contributed by companies and people who feel committed to the idea of free software and open source and profit from the efforts of thousands of geeks around the globe.

we hope to see you on the most amazing rooftop of zuerich!

a big thank you goes to IBM switzerland who sponsors etoy.TANK-PLANT2



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