wardrobe for etoy.FILM-SHOOT

/images/mob3ef41788ec296_Foto(08)-tm.jpgThe etoy.CORPORATION will be conducting a film & photo shoot at a spectacular undisclosed location in zurich around the first of july. etoy.AGENTS from around the world will be present for the occasion. Investors and special-agents are invited to take part in the shoot if in the area. To attend please comment on this entry and details will be sent.

For this occasion the etoy.WARDROBE-DEPT is producing special etoy.FLIGHT-SUITS. All suits are made to order. Because this is a time sensitive offer you must comment on this blog entry ASAP (i.e. NOW) indicating your: QUANITITY and SIZE +(46, post_author=48, 50, 52, 54, 58, 60)+. Price is currently being negotiated. Suits will cost max 140 CHF / 105 USD.

This offer is open to the general public, however etoy.INVESTORS and etoy.SPECIAL-AGENTS will be given priority.

Reservations will only be made for comments with a VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS & NAME.

Hope to see you soon!

+LATER:+ rock moblogged a preview of the uniform. uniforms will cost 126 CHF



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