at ArtBasel and shopping for the virtual at []

Today agent.ZAI and myself were guests at [] where there was an interesting panel called SHOPPING FOR THE VIRTUAL. The panel included Dr. Claudia Steinfels (Director of Sotheby’s Switzerland), Barbara London (Associate Curator Department of Film and Media, MoMA NY), Knowbotic Research (artists, Zürich), Barbara Hoffmann (art and intellectual property lawyer / Chair of the IBA Committee on Art Law), and an input text by Miltos Manetas.

SHOPPING FOR THE VIRTUAL brings together collectors, artists and specialists to discuss models of an economy for the digital arts considering the specific qualities of this new art form as well as the dynamics of the art market.

text from []

It was a pretty interesting discussion and brought together people with varying degrees and angles of involvement with new media. The conference was partially aimed at discussing new models for the future exhibition, creation, and participation of media art. At the same time people framed media art in old classic contexts (collecting, etc..). A lot of the discussion was triggered by Miltos Manetas who sells his web-pages. For example; this one or this one.



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