Software patents are bad

The Guardian has an interesting, if nerve racking rebuttal on an essay by Richard Stallman and Nick Hill.

Statements like
This directive will provide legal certainty for European software inventors. We have an obligation to legislate not just for one section of the software industry who seeks to impose its business model on the rest of industry, which moreover is not "free", but is actually a different form of monopoly by imposing a copyright licence system on users.

by Arlene McCarthy (is this a coincidence, or what?), a UK politician and proponent of software patents scream of either sheer naivité or of a politician who is outright for sale to industry interests.
Miss McCarthy seems to kindly ignore the fact that convicted monopolists in the software industry imposes far more restrictive, if not outright immoral copyright licenses on their users.
The etoy.CORPORATION never opposed the right to make a profit, we do however apply a different standard on the freedom of choice and the right to apply a certain businessmodel at ones discretion without being threatened by corporate thugs.
This site has a lot of information why software patents are a reallly rotten idea, which will hurt all of us.



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