etoy.TRADEFLOOR approved



all etoy.DIRECTORS agree: etoy.CORPORATION will
continue to develop its public art investment
programm that was developed in late 1997 to obtain
financing for the etoy.CARGO-TANK-SYSTEM. since
the etoy.IPO (january 1998) stock for $370.000
(par value) has been issued. this financing
strategy and art concept was not only the key to
the successful defense against eToys take-over
attempt in 1999: 12 paid lawyers in san diego,
zurich, los angeles, washinton dc, new york, and
finaly delaware worked on the case. it is naive to
assume that net art & outrage was enough to stop
a multi billion dollar company. it was the
combination of legal pressure, negotiations,
multi layer networking, campaining, art and the
controversial etoy.STYLE that lead to success.
etoy.INVESTORS used the TOYWAR plattform to order
etoy.SHARES which generated enough revenues in real
time (between december 99 and april 2000) to cover
massive expenses of the global counter attacks.
due to brave high risk investors was
became much more than just war on the net or an
oldfashioned campaign: the action became famous
for its playful nature and break trough in style
and special effects that went further than denial
of service attacks and other brute force weapons.

the etoy.CORPORATION and its 2000 TOY.soldiers
created a vision and new feeling for whats possible
on the internet: TOYWAR.lullabies, TOY.characters,
communication on the battlefields... etoy tried to
generate entertainment value on a higher level of
online intelligence. that's why people liked to be
part of it and did not left after a few emails or
leaving their name on a boring list of solidarity. integrated willing TOY.soldiers and
transfered etoy.SHARES for actions. it turned into
a real life game. thats why people still remember
it as one of the most exciting things that happened
to them online and connected all sorts of people on
the battlefields... lawyers, investors (who paid
about $100k to make all this possible), press people,
advisors... not only activists from rtmark.

it was more than WAR ! it was not only the power of
the street that killed a company. it was the better
groove that won. TOYWAR was not real war. it was real
plastic against real data! it was playing. serious
playing: exhausting, sometimes very scary but a lot
of fun as well. exactly what we know from childhood.
it was not smashing the other sides skulls to have an
impact and to trigger fear.

TOYWAR was not the victory of the harder, richer or

it was the victory of the better groove. even there
was a lot of pain and fear involved we still kept room
for insane music production, fantastic toy-rendering
and for millions of jokes and a good tank of irony.

fighting fire with fire means burning resources
on many levels... it is not by chance that the
case is still inimitable. even rtmark, a successful
and well known resistance art group during toywar
never generated so much impact again. TOYWAR happend
on many levels.

the real interactive design, a game between self
control and self regulation of thousands of people.

and it was branding. a whole non commercial but
cultural brand. that brought something to the
point that a lot of people felt at this time.

TOYWAR was ingeneered to generate a FACE for something
that is in the air. etoy took care of that.

people identified with TOYWAR... and had fun to follow
the whole thing.rtmark only covered a small market.

the etoy.SHARES secured financing in this global
battle but also are the base for a radical
transformation in the art market: investments
fast became an alternative to conservative object
oriented art trading and influenced concepts such
as and lately a venture by michele
thursz, director of new york's moving image
gallery. reported:

the etoy.TRADEFLOOR finally was finally approved
from all etoy.DIRECTORS in the voting of saturday
30th of june 2001 in ljubljana. the system is now
open to handle your bids and orders:

announcement: online meeting/voting.

DISCLAIMER: etoy.CORPORATION cautions that etoy.SHARES
are high-risk investments and that some or all
investment dollars can be lost. we suggest you consult
a contemporary art expert before purchasing any stocks.
all opinions expressed in this message are the opinions
of etoy. we recommend you use the information found here
as an initial starting point for conducting your own
research and conduct your own due diligence on the
featured company in order to determine your own personal
opinion of the art concept before investing.



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