the etoy.MANAGEMENT confirms:
no majority has been reached in
the voting about resolution #4.

the americans had problems with
counting their votes (punch card
machine troubles) and the enter-
tainment giant etoy.CORPORATION
was not able to transfer the
correct numbers into an email...
what a shame...
...too much nitrous oxide.

a neutral election observer just
identified the bug:

WHAT HAPPENED. last minute votes
were not correctly transferred
into the previous shareholder
email (pre-announcement) even if
the end result submitted was
correct and valid (DON'T PANIC).

4a)135'705 (instead of 134'423)=49.9%
4b)12'917 (correct)=4.75%
4c)119'765 (instead of 116'765)=44.04%
4d)3'549 (correct)=1.31%

thank you for flying etoy...



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