san diego/zurich: etoy.GENERALMEETING

the etoy.VC-VOTING (round one) closed
23.01.01 / 23:59:59 (PACIFIC TIME):

statistics & impact:

the votes of 259 etoy.SHAREHOLDERS
(of 476 legally registered investors)
have been accepted. their submissions
are valid according to the articles
of the etoy.VENTURE-CAPITAL group.
273'912(59%) of 464'977 etoy.SHARES
(issued between 1998/IPO and 01/2001)
voted and expressed the will of the

results have been reached:

1.the etoy.INVESTORS passed the
shareholder resolution NO. 3 a):
272'211 share units voted against
2'983 shares: this authorizes the
etoy.ATTORNEYS to take immediate
& appropriate action (LEGAL
eToys INC. (NASDAQ: ETYS) that
presses TMs from the times of the
TOYWAR that have only one goal: to
remove the actual etoy.TM-PRIORITY
once and for all times and there-
fore would make it much easier
(and more profitable) to sell eToys'
most valuable asset - the brand
(according to advisors & experts).

nobody invests to lose money:

impact management, experimental
entertainment & cultural values
vs. financial interests. hopefully
the last round... it gets bothering.
etoy wants to complete its sealand
projects and
it can not invest its resources as
long as eToys Inc. is not willing
to find a fair compromise about
"the spheres of influence". the "former-member-case" the
results look as following:

4a)"maximum prosecution": 134'423
shares voted (133 etoy.SHAREHOLDERS)
4b)"hardcore": 12'917 shares voted
(submitted by 63 etoy.SHAREHOLDERS)
4c)"ridiculing/ defence":
116'765 shares (49 etoy.SHAREHOLDERS)
4d)" gets the brand"
as hans_extrem asks for (no action):
3'549 shares (9 etoy.SHAREHOLDERS).

none of these resolutions reached a
majority (50%+1 share) in the first
round. the shareholders obviously
expressed their will to take action
against hans_extrem's unimaginative
but destructive pr-madness and take-
over attempts and do not accept his
disoriented legal/political idea that
seriously damages the etoy.CONCEPT,
makes financing of projects nearly
impossible, got etoy in troubles in
the united states where it is facing
massive pressure from eToys Inc. and
lead to many complains from etoy.FANS.

the board suggests REASONABLE LEGAL
and 4c are not contradictory in
this point). hans_extrem is once again
called to put down his insane legal
weapons that seek to take over and
block etoy.RIGHTS that belong to the
group internationally known as "etoy":
etoy offers a 100% armistice if uber- is willing to take back its
aggressive registration & squatting
"pranks" that make it hard for etoy
to work and operate. that's all etoy
asks for to resolve this mess. hans_
extrem is called to comment on this.
(until today every offer was ignored)
no matter what mr extrem plans to do
with the etoy.BRAND, he is simply the
wrong man to be in (TOTAL!) charge of
this valuable cultural property. he
clearly showed that he is not taking
position and hides behind a wall of
legal confusion, "extremism", "fun"
hypocritical prankster ideology and
the concept that a tragic net.artist
does not have to respect the POLICY
he once helped to establish and that
he signed. etoy is a group of culture
investors and not a egocentric "one
man show". the investors made this
very clear during this voting. the
etoy.MANAGEMENT hopes to solve this
problem a.s.a.p.. everybody who thinks
etoy has no better projects than to
fight with former members (who seek to
profit through spam and brand squatting)
about its own independence will learn
not to judge without knowing anything
about the complex legal dispute between
the etoy.CORPORATION and eToys Inc.


the etoy.LEGAL-DEPT. thanks all share-
holders for their decisions and trust.
as every other fair corporate citizen
etoy will take care of its ethical,
political and cultural responsibilities
while taking action against aggressors.
etoy is not out there to destroy. etoy
is a surreal incubator that generates
cultural perspectives and excitement
- since 1994.


the next round (the election of the
managing committee of the etoy.VC
group, financial and annual reports)
is postponed until the intense storm
in the eToys INC. case is "under
control" again.

nobody invests to lose its brand.
etoy protects its assets, conceptual
property and cultural value.

a. stamberger, chairman etoy.VC group
miss monorom, ceo etoy.VC group

etoy.GRAMAZIO, president etoy.VENTURE
etoy.KUBLI, vice president etoy.VENTURE
etoy.ZAI, ceo etoy.VENTURE

on behalf of the etoy.SHAREHOLDERS
and 10 active etoy.AGENTS who work
on etoy.SEALAND, the etoy.TRADEFLOOR,
the toywar.BOOK project and in the
etoy.BUROCRACY around the globe.

if you have a minute: support these
guys who need brave stakeholders
like you:
etoy.DISCLAIMER: the results mentioned
in this document are not confirmed and
verified yet (election observers will
review general meeting data in feb.01).



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