vote now! etoy needs your decision

dear etoy.SHAREHOLDER,

in response to a request from a
european shareholder who got his
login/password with 3 days delay
the etoy.VC group committee
decided to extend the first round
of the voting process until tuesday,
23.1.01 (00:00:00 PACIFIC TIME)

further info & details:

the board calls everyone to vote
TODAY! is much less complex
than it looks.

NOTE: it is very important to reach
results before eToys INC changes
hands (which could happen every


summary: (resolutions)

etoy vs. eToys Inc.(toy company)
3) a = defence against eToys INC.
3) b = no legal defence
hans_extrem vs. etoy (TM battle)
4) a = fair trail about the rights
4) b = hardcore (whatever it takes)
4) c = ridiculing hans_extrem
4) d = handing over the brand to h_e
that's all (only 4 mouse clicks!)

if you are not able to handle this
process or if you have troubles
with your login/passwd you can
also submit your vote by email:

thank you for voting today!
etoy.VC group CEO / miss monorom

ps: we still miss contact information
of the following shareholders:

Amy Fransen, Clarissa Berger, Tonio
Gsell, Sonia Quintana, Shasta Uhler,
Marcel Jetzer, Simon Zeller, Hee Lee,
Marienne Boreen, Walter Cameron,
Walter Moos, Agent UXB,

if you have details pls contact:



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