etoy has received your letter requesting information
on the etoy.SHARE stock options. We thank you for your
interest and congratulate you on your ability to select
a powerful, challenging and intelligent way to invest
your money in cutting-edge contemporary art and culture.

"Etoy continues to beat analysts expectations on reach
and retention. Solid products, strong marketing and first
mover advantage in the impact management sector have put
etoy in the lead. I would rate etoy shares a strong BUY".
JOICHI ITO, CEO of NEOTENY and chairman of INFOSEEK Japan

Over the past few months we have received several hundred
inquiries regarding the etoy.SHARE CERTIFICATES. The
etoy.CORPORATION founded in 1994, which went public in 1998
- an IPO on the art market- , has become famous world- wide
for its innovative art projects, and its pioneering work in
the field of internet art.

From December 1999 through February 2000, the etoy.CORPORATION
was involved in a major court case, and thus we have been
unable to answer the many requests from our prospective
investors. We apologize for the delay in getting back to you,
but are delighted to inform you that our stock has actually
sky-rocketed in value due to the mass public interest and
international media attention received from the court case.

The web server was down for more than 81 days
due to a law suite bought against etoy by the e-commerce
giant eToys.
"According to officials with eToys, late last spring the
company began getting messages from site users who’d
mistakenly run across the freewheeling conceptual-art
site run by etoy — a site that by all accounts included
some profanity and pornographic images. EToys went looking
for a way to resolve the situation, including offering to
buy the etoy domain name, but its negotiations with the
artists proved fruitless. So in the fall the online toy
retailer turned to the courts, and in November it got a
preliminary injunction forbidding etoy to use its domain
name, claiming damage to its trademark."
Jason Fry and Megan Doscher, WALL STREET JOURNAL, Jan. 28, 2000

The court case that was followed by thousands received
expansive press coverage with over 300 articles appearing
in the international press, including CNN, the New York
Times, and Le Monde. There was a mass public outcry both
on and off line as protestors of all different walks of
life, senators, lawyers, artists, among them, demanded
freedom on the internet and justice for etoy. The event
has been heralded as not only a precedent in internet law,
but also as the greatest art performance ever!

"In February, etoy made headlines around the world when
toy retailer eToys dropped its trademark infringement
lawsuit for the domain name and agreed to
reimburse the artists up to $40,000 in legal fees."
Cristina Ruiz , The Art Newspaper, 5 April 2000.

"As the law suite has proven, investment in etoy is more
secure than speculations in the vulnerable dot com economy"

To make an investment in the etoy.CORPORATION, to invest
in one of the world’s most exciting contemporary art ventures,
is to be a leader in the world of contemporary art collectors.
You can invest from as little as $100 to receive microshares,
which are available as small magnetic code cards. If you are
already a microshare holder, you may also upgrade your investment.
For investments of $3000 or more, the share-holder will receive
a unique non-traditional art object, a SHARE CERTIFICATE which
documents a particular element of the dynamic etoy.HISTORY.
These shares are 2 by 2 ft in size, lamda generated images on
aluminum plate. Investors receive a personal share with their
name or name of their company printed on the art work. These
shares are then validated at a SHARE SIGNING press attended
special event. Furthermore the shareholder has the option to
to have the share certificate marked as tradeable on the
online investor and certificate list. In this case the investor
allows the opportunity to receive offers by other or new investors
wanting to purchase it. In the case of a deal acts as
the transfer platform and will issue the share to the new investor.
The seller’s share certificate is thus invalidated (with a clean hole),
and retains the (worthless) certificate –art object-- and receives
an offer by etoy.CORPORATION for the purchase of a new certificate.

A limited amount of special TOYWAR shares are currently available
to coincide with the etoy exhibition to be held at Postmasters
Gallery in Manhattan in May 2000. (The purchase price of shares
are determined by the current day rate on the date of purchase.)

"On the Internet, where context is the medium, attention is the
metric to measure success and brand and memes are the primary
assets. Unlike most Internet stocks, etoy shares have actually
paid massive dividends in the form of art and fun. I feel I've
already received a return on my principle and everything else
is pure upshot." JOICHI ITO, CEO of NEOTENY and chairman of

We are currently inviting investors to participate in this
exhilarating and sound stock option; as shares are limited
we urge you to contact us immediately regarding your interest.
Please contact Suzanne Meszoly etoy.CURATOR at

For more information on etoy and to access some of the best
articles written about the recent legal battle and how etoy
shares have gone up in price, please see:,, and



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