Network Solutions, Inc. Restricts Re-sale of Domain Names

April 13, 2000 - For Immediate Release

In an effort to control the growing market in domain names,
Network Solutions, Inc. has amended its registration agreement
to prohibit domain name owners from transferring their domains
to new owners. By including the language “Your rights under
this Agreement are not assignable. Any attempt by you to assign
your rights shall render this Agreement voidable at our option.
” NSI’s new registration agreement allows NSI to revoke a domain
name owner’s registration at will whenever the owner attempts to
transfer it.

Chris Truax, speaking for Domain Name Buyer’s Guide, said,
“Some of the terms in NSI’s registration agreement are outrageous.
NSI seems to be taking the position that domain name registrants
don’t actually own their domain names. What is worse, NSI isn’t
being open about it. While they pretend to allow the transfer of
domain names, they have given themselves the legal right to take
your domain name away and give it to someone else.”

Mr. Truax also said NSI no longer had a monopoly on domain
name registration and that domain name owners now had a choice
of which registrar to use. “There are now over twenty active
domain name registrars and more are being added every week. NSI
came near the bottom of the registrars we ranked. For the moment,
Domain Name Buyers Guide recommends that domain name owners avoid
NSI and use one of the new registrars.”

“Domain names can be an extremely valuable asset.” continued
Truax, “The market for domain names is growing at a tremendous rate.
Some domains are literally worth millions. BUSINESS.COM recently
sold for $7.5 million USD and WINE.COM went for $3 million USD.
Even if you’re planning on using it yourself, we think it would be
crazy to use a registrar that doesn’t recognize your ownership
rights in your domain name.”

Domain Name Buyer’s Guide is a free on-line service that ranks
active ICANN accredited domain name registrars. For more information
contact Chris Truax at or by phone
at (619)401-3472.

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The Network Solutions, Inc. registration agreement can be found at:



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